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What to know: A wonderful, upbeat program teaching valuable safety lessons.
Recommended age 6-15
35 minutes
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This is a great educational video for young kids. It shows kids the importance of knowing how to be safe in case of an emergency. The video teaches kids the correct and appropriate way of dialing 911, how to deal with strangers, saying no to bad influences and knowing how to contact your family with self-identity all while having fun.

Professor Pop Rock makes learning fun!

What I like about this film is how it really makes learning fun for kids. This educational film takes great information and turns them into rap songs and dance parties to make learning an enjoyable experience. The narrator makes rhymes about the topics they're discussing so kids don't ever bored. This is a great way to teach kids the importance of safety all while having fun. What I didn't really like is all the flashing on the screen. It may bother your eyes so I suggest watching the movie on large TV screen rather than a computer.

All the dancers do a great job incorporating cool dance moves with the lesson they are teaching. For example when the kids are dancing to a song about calling 911, they do hand motions like they are on the phone. They also do a great job of dancing.

My favorite scene is when all the dancers dance to a song about saying no to drugs and peer pressure and they put their hands in front of themselves saying no. All the songs in the film are very catchy.

I recommend this movie for ages 3-6 because younger kids are the ones who need to learn safety rules. I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars. You can get this movie online. Reviewed by Jailene A. age 13, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

This is a crime prevention and safety video that is meant to be used by parents, educators and after school groups. The age/grade level is 9-13 (4-7 grade). There are four parts that are introduced by a robot with loud rock music, montages of children dancing, singing and moving about. The four themes are 911, stranger danger, saying no to drugs, bullying and self-identity.

The program is 35 minutes. Each segment is acted out with music, photos and messages printed on-screen. At the end of each segment there is a list of ten tips for discussion. The video can be paused after each tip so it can be discussed.

There is a website ( where adults can chat, teachers can find lesson plans and there is a part called Club Pop Rock that is supposed to have games and safety tips each month. We did not review the lesson plans. It requires signing in and we did not do that. The children's section has pdf versions of games, coloring pages and quizzes that can be printed out.

The entire program can be purchased as one 35 min. DVD or teachers can order the teacher pack. The website provides details of what is included.

This is a very upbeat program. The music probably appeals more to kids than adults. The safety information is excellent and could easily lead to lots of interesting discussions. We recommend it.

Receiving an O.U.C.H. alert (Obtrusive Unidentifiable Curriculum Hysteria) from Earth, Professor Pop Rock and I.Q. magically zoom in to transform boring book reports into explosive music videos with 4 lessons: Dial 911, Strangers, Say No & Self-ID. This title for purchase at
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