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32 minutes
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This CD is not only fun with catchy lyrics and different music styles, it makes learning fun as it teaches young children about astronomy and the amazing universe. The kids were entertained and had fun learning. Their comments: "Great!" "I'd watch it again." All the kids enjoyed it in our sample group of 6-10 year-olds. The 6 and 8 year olds liked it best. The 10 year olds said it was cool but they didn't dance around like the younger ones. The younger ones said they'd listen to it again, the older ones, not so much. Everyone thought their friends would enjoy learning more about astronomy and liked the rock 'n roll song best. One boy said he liked the facts because they were real and accurate. "It kind of tells the story of the universe but not really." "It respects the universe." They all sang along to The Big Bang Boom and seemed to enjoy it best because of the catchy tune.
I cannot emphasize enough how important the combination of terrific musicianship, production value and lyrics are to a concept album like "The Mighty Sky." Now granted, Beth Nielsen Chapman has written world class songs and has access to a musical palette of top-flight talent, which is value added for the parent who is looking for a stimulating concept that will pique their child's interest and lead them to learn more. I wish this had been around when I was a kid but, guitars weren't invented then. Children are going to be jazzed to learn more about the universe, which in and of itself is a fascinating mystery for young minds. This traditional music CD comes with a gorgeous fold-out of the solar system in the liner notes. Reviewed by John Wood.
Children can musically explore the mysteries and wonders of the universe with this beautifully crafted album focusing on the science of astronomy and featuring a variety of musical styles presenting important celestial facts and fun.
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