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Description - Every living being, from honey bees to humans, needs a safe place to call home. Dana's seventh album explores the different places animals live. Featuring numerous musical genres, the songs are designed to educate and entertain children while planting seeds of care for the planet we all call home.
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - Dana's hot off the press new album called A Place to Call Home is a breath of fresh air and a warm musical hug that inspires and requires multiple listenings. The songwriting, performances, production and various musical genres lend energy to this album that is truly infectious whether your home is where your heart is or in sweet home Alabama or even at home on the range along with a myriad of animals. A Place to Call Home shares a covering of love and acceptance with a batch of nifty crafted terrific tunes with perfect timing from a true professional.

A Place to Call Home is hip, happening and has energy to burn. Terrific arrangements and clever songwriting! Dana is a tried and true trooper and knows her audience extremely well so yes, I highly recommend.

There is a strong theme about animals and their habitats/homes that is lovingly presented. The production quality is excellent, executed by professionals. I love how it makes children aware that they can become difference makers in the global sense. Once again this pro knows her audience and loves what she's doing. She talks up to kids not down. Experience counts, especially from those who have toured and performed for live performances. Clearly Dana knows what works.

I can't say enough about Dana's spot-on vocals and the production value throughout this project. The different musical styles give the album a true World Music vibe. Teachers will have fun breaking down the animal and their habitats' segments for reports and activities with the kids.

I recommend A Place to Call Home for ages 5 to 8 and give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed by John Wood, KIDS FIRST! Music Specialist.
KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - I like A Place to Call Home it is a very interesting musical CD. I like the fact that it has a variety of melodies and music genres, plus I like how the songs pumps my adrenaline and some songs are so slow that they calm me down.

This CD is produced by EJ Ouellete and all the songs belongs to singer, Dana Cohenour. Dana Cohenour is widely recognized as one of the pioneers of independent children's music. She is named as on of the "Top Five Kids' Singers You Should Know." Her six albums for kids have won 22 National Awards so far. Her music is very contagious and enthusiastic. On this CD, in particular, you can listen to different music genres such as dance music, rock and roll, jazz, country and ballad among other music genres. This CD has 11 songs and each song has a different message of how to take care of our planet, the animals and how to build things in order to give animals shelter or protect them. Each song has approximately a duration of four to five minutes.

My favorite song is "Animal Hide and Seek" because this song is about animals hiding in their own habitat, such as bees hiding in a hive and cows hiding in a barn. Dana finds the animals and describes in her song how and where she finds them with a very adventurous lyric and country music rhythm that makes you want to stand up and dance.

The moral of this DVD is to help the environment around you, like helping animals when they are in need. Besides the environment, we need to take care of animals with whom we share the planet Earth. We need to remember to be kind to the animals and to our beautiful planet because this amazing place is what we all call home.

I give A Place to Call Home 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to ages 4 to 18. Adults can enjoy this CD as well. For example, if you are going on a long trip with your family, this CD would be delightful and entertaining to listen to and to sing along to the catchy songs. This CD is available now at iTunes and elsewhere, so look for it!

Reviewed by Ethan P., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 11

I truly enjoyed listening to the CD A Place to Call Home. These songs will make you laugh and smile while learning about topics such as migration and beaver teamwork! You will not regret listening to this sweet album along with your children.

A Place to Call Home includes songs that teach about different aspects of animal life while giving you fun beats and rhythms to jam along with. Dana's seventh recording explores the different places animals live - in the sky and sea, in wetlands, underground tunnels and more. From learning about the crazy crowded world for the animals that go underground to how every animal needs a place to call home, you will be entertained with this new CD.

This CD offers 11 songs, including A Place to Call Home, Underground Traffic Jam, Migration, Let's Build a Dam, Rainforest Symphony, Honey Bee Bee Bop, Bluebird, Dog on My Head, Movin' Day, Animal Hide and Seek and Home. Each song explores a unique view about ways animals live and what they do. Even though you learn a lot from this album, I like that this CD informs about animals and their ways of life without forcing the facts on the listener. I know that kids listening to this will learn a lot, while enjoying the music. I find it truly amazing that Dana, the woman who writes and sings all of these songs, has so much creativity with her variety of songs. The genres range from rock to pop to jazz! Not to mention, Dana has such beautiful vocals and a very soothing voice. She isn't the only talented one on the team though, the bassist and guitarist, EJ Ouellette, has an amazing sound as well. His playing is clear and clean.

This CD helps young people learn about animal lives and how their lives might be similar to our own. In the end, we are all creatures on Earth and we all can have crazy and busy lives, so that is why it is so special to have a place to call your own where you feel comfortable and safe.

I give A Place to Call Home 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it to ages 4 to 11. This CD can be found online on June 6, 2020.

Reviewed by Allison B., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 13
Runtime: 40 minutes Juror Recommended Age: 4-8 Suggested Retail Price: $ 12 Media: AUDIO

Series: AUDIO CD FOR AGES 4-12
Description - URR the alien returns to Emilia's backyard to get her help in saving beautiful Kokowanda Bay which has become polluted. The two work together and sing these catchy tunes as they learn about recycling, reusing, and reducing, to make the world a better place.
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - The mother and daughter team of Ruth and Emilia have a winner of a new album on their hands with Kokowanda Bay, a rock 'em sock 'em joyous explosion of fun and educational songs of friendship, caring, love and wondrous discovery and includes a cute alien visitor from another planet for good measure. The production value and super vocals are indeed other-worldly with great use of instruments. (Hey, isn't that an oboe!) Songs move the story merrily along. A fun time is guaranteed for all - on this or any planet!

Kokowanda Bay by Ruth & Emilia is finely produced, well paced and flows easily. The album speaks to its target age group with messages of love, acceptance and care for the Earth. The arrangements are totally appealing and the vocals are terrific. I absolutely recommend this with its very positive and educational messages. It encourages that we all, regardless of age, can do our bit to be proactive. This album does not talk down to its audience, but uplifts them to a brighter understanding. All done in a loving and creative way.

The production value is terrific. The vocals are lovely and the musicians are on their game. It has lots of positive messages about going green, recycling and the wonders of nature. This would make a terrific tool for schools with its participatory projects, especially regarding science and the environment. I give this 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 12. Reviewed by John Wood, KIDS FIRST! Music Specialist
KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - Ruth and Emilia: Kokowanda Bay is a fun musical story that is extremely positive, while teaching younger viewers many important things about friendship. Even though this CD comes off as a children's CD, do not let that turn you away because this little package has lots to offer such as amazing singing, lyrics and important morals.

An adventurous team of Kokowanda Bay is formed when the planet Goopda sends an alien named UUR to Earth to save Kokowanda Bay. The team explores different ways to help the earth such as "going green" and planting flowers across Kokowanda Bay. They also participate in fun beach activities and learn about some of nature's cycles.

There are many reasons to love this CD and the biggest one is the vocals. Emilia Lopez-Ya�ez and Ruth Weber's voices are amazing! Their voices combined makes you want to listen to this CD for hours! Emilia and Ruth also wrote the song lyrics, which are also outstanding. They are creative and positive one thing that makes it even more fun is that they rhyme most of the time.

This CD is extremely kid-friendly, however, it moves very fast so it may be difficult for younger viewers to comprehend the entire story. The CD teaches young viewers the importance of friendship while also teaching different ways to take care of the environment.

I give Ruth and Emilia: Kokowanda Bay 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 8. This CD is widely available now. Look for it. Reviewed by Jude A., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 14
Runtime: 90 minutes Juror Recommended Age: 4-12 Suggested Retail Price: $ 12.99 Media: AUDIO

CARNAVAL: SPANISH LEARNING SONGS - WHISTLEFRITZ LLC Click to purchase directly from the producer
Description - Embark on a musical celebration with this festive collection of Spanish-learning songs. From calypso, soca, and soukous to New Orleans second line, jazz, and country, this CD's diverse musical styles are a carnaval for the ears.
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - This is a charming CD with great the rhythm and song lyrics. I think the rhythm will appeal to children and the lyrics make it easy to sing along. The colors and design of the presentation of the CD is also attractive with its bright colors, fun design, great images and fonts. The booklet that comes with the CD is easy to read and includes the lyrics of the songs in both, English and Spanish.

I really enjoyed the songs, and love that they include Halloween, which isn't a Spanish festival, but certainly kids in the USA will relate to it. "Carnaval" is particularly fun and promotes the holiday Carnival or Mardi Gras as it's called in the USA.

The menu access is very easy to navigate. You can select specific songs or play them all. The songs are only sung in Spanish, but you can turn to the accompanying booklet to find out what they mean. What I love best is that all the songs are catchy and have great rhythm which make them easy for children to remember them.

I give this CD 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 8, perhaps older.

Reviewed by Julie S., KIDS FIRST! Juror
KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - I like this CD because the music is very festive and entertaining. I also like that the lyrics are written in Spanish and in English, which makes it very easy to understand what the song is about. The duration of Carnaval is about less than an hour.

This award-winning, language-learning CD includes 14 Spanish children's songs that teach the language with easy and basic Spanish lyrics. The 14 song titles are written in Spanish and in English too. The Hispanic music, such as salsa, let kids sing along and have fun while learning the vocabulary at the same time. The songs are about going to the supermarket, going camping, celebrating Thanksgiving, Halloween, the Fall, a small spider, a frog named Juanita, a fish, a donkey and much more. Whew!

Ileana Perez, an award-winning soprano, is a great singer and really grabs my attention because her voice is very pleasant to listen to. I also like that it is not just her singing all the songs. In some songs a guy named Hector Barez sings with her too. My favorite song is number 12, La Arana Pequenita (The Itsy, Bitsy Spider), because it is the first time I heard this song in Spanish.

I give this CD 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 2 to 18. Adults can enjoy and learn these Spanish tunes as well.

Reviewed by Ethan P., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 10

The party has arrived with Carnaval: Spanish Learning Songs! Interested in learning more Spanish vocabulary, then this CD is for you. The upbeat music makes learning fun.

Sing your way through basic conversational dialogue with De donde eres? (Where are you from?) and Como estas? (How are you?) The CD comes with printed lyrics and translations. Plus, the company's website includes useful vocabulary pages. Who knew learning Spanish could be so much fun? What a great way to learn and reinforce vocabulary.

The party continues with other festive songs about holidays and animals, set to various types of music performed by Cuban-American vocalist Ileana Perez and musician / composer Didier Prossaird. The cover artwork is fun and colorful and sets the tone for this party. There is approximately 40 minutes of music with 15 great songs included. Sing along with friends and family to Carnaval and you'll find yourself learning Spanish without even realizing it!

I rate this CD 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 12, perhaps older. The CD is available now so look for it online.

Reviewed by Selene W., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 11
Runtime: 37 minutes Juror Recommended Age: 2-18 Suggested Retail Price: $ 14.99 Media: AUDIO


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Description - Songs for a Healthy Mind and Body is a music album written and recorded by children's music artist Kendra K. The songs are all about health and wellness of the mind and body. The songs teach kids about the importance of exercising and being active, eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, positive thinking, having good manners, respecting others and oneself, and being kind and loving to other people.
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - Kendra K. has delivered a bouncy fun collection of songs for the younger set with a positive message entitled 'Songs for a Healthy Mind and Body' and she hits the rubber nail on the head. Sweet accessible vocals and pop-flavored production values will have the crowd going crazy and eating fruits and vegetables, not throwing them. Step away from the TV, crank up the turntable (huh?) and dance, dance, dance, 'til the cows, cows, cows, come home! This upbeat CD is engaging for its intended age group, with lots of fun instrumentation. Absolutely positive messages, engaging and movement oriented. The songs are constructed around a theme of healthy mind and body and they all follow suit in a light pop style. Kendra K knows her young audience well, so all the songs are age appropriate. Lots of healthy exercise and healthy eating behaviors are encouraged, as well as other positive actions are modeled. She talks directly to the intended age group. I believe the artist leads and projects healthy choices for young people. Kendra K's voice is sweet and soothing. The production value supports her songs with fun arrangements. This album will be worn out by repeated listening, which is a good place to be when motivating youngsters. This definitely meets and exceeds the KIDS FIRST! criteria, is pretty well produced and entertaining. Recommended for ages 2 to 5 and 4 out of 5 stars. Reviewed by John Wood, KIDS FIRST! Music Specialist.
KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - Songs for a Healthy Mind and Body is a positive, fun and educational collection of music that young children can both groove to and learn from. All the songs have their own unique sound and feeling that makes them special. There are many important messages included in the songs. It is refreshing for me, as a teenager, to listen to music that promotes a healthy mind and a healthy body, even if it isn't geared towards my age group.

A few of my favorite songs are "Beautiful Beautiful Day," "Fruits and Vegetables" and "Celebrate Everybody." They all have very powerful and significant messages incorporated into them. "Beautiful Beautiful Day" teaches kids to be grateful that you are alive and healthy and to embrace the fact that today is a new day. "Fruits and Vegetables" demonstrates the importance of healthy eating for kids. Finally, "Celebrate Everybody" encourages diversity and educates the importance of accepting people for who they are, regardless of their race or what they look like on the outside.

The lyrics on this CD are influential and educational and there is also a lot of fun and childish innocence in them. The album has a fairly diverse mix of sounds made up of tropical sounds, country sounds and much more. The music is cheery and energized, with many of the songs encouraging kids to dance.

I give Songs for a Healthy Mind and Body 4.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 2 to 6. Even though the songs are meant for younger kids, I had fun listening to them. The sentiments within the songs are sentiments that everybody should hold onto and think about regardless of their age. It's essential that kids are taught how to act in order to prepare them for a better future. Music affects the way people perceive the world, especially when you're young, so it is crucial that kids listen to music with kind and encouraging attitudes. Parents can feel assured knowing that their child is listening to a healthy, yet entertaining soundtrack, with positive messages when they let their children listen to this CD.

Reviewed by Ella L., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 15

On this CD, everyone get ready to move and grove to a whole new world with fun filled songs that tell us how to eat healthy and feel great, while having a fun time with our friends. The songs are ready, so turn them on and dance to the amazing beat that lies in Kendra K.'s Songs for a Healthy Mind and Body.

These songs are superb. Each one is very quick with a cute rhythm and rhyme to it. They also have fun morals for kids that want to learn how to eat right, learn how to get in shape and work out in fun new ways. This is one thing I enjoy, because it can help if we start healthy habits at a young age.

The first thing I noticed is the cover. I adore that it is so colorful and vibrant. It is also full of animated kids and animals. Singer and song writer Kendra K. stands out because she is a live, non-animated person on the cover. We get to see who she is and what she looks like in person. This is one thing that I found endearing, because it gives us a chance to get up close and personal with the artist of the songs we are listening to.

Even though I like all the songs, my favorite is Number 5, also known as "Be Kind." This song helps kids know their manners and how to treat others with kindness. This song is not only fun to listen to, but the moral behind it is fabulous.

I recommend this CD for ages 4 to 9 and give it 5 out of 5 stars. It is available now, so look for it.

Reviewed by Morgan B., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 14
Runtime: 24 minutes Juror Recommended Age: 2-5 Suggested Retail Price: $ 9.97 Media: AUDIO

Series: AUDIO CD FOR AGES 5-12
Description - The message of "We Are One" is all about bringing people together through, like Aesop's Fables, the use of animal characters - whether it's something humorous like a baby bat who is afraid of the dark or something more serious like a monkey witnessing deforestation - songs that talk about our shared humanity.
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - Animal Farm's We are One CD is a musical bouillabaisse of energetic, engaging tunes that will tickle little ears and tantalize the soul and imagination. Fun animal songs abound. The band and arrangements are tight and the songwriting is solid. The electric violin is a standout. Most importantly, this collection scores a hit with its target audience and delivers a seal of approval from...the seals of course, KIDS FIRST! The engaging songs about animals and its kid-friendly concepts are commendable. The style is consistent for the intended age group; the continuity flows well and the structure follows suit. These artists know their key audience and the content is totally appropriate with lots of positive reinforcement on attitude and our association and connection the world around. The artists do not talk down to their intended audience and, in many places, lift them up to learn more about the stories in their songs. The performances are strong and kid friendly. I especially appreciate the electric violin which adds a touch of musical class. Through the use of well-constructed songs with accessible lyrics, this group is able to ...wait for it...edutain their fan base. I believe children are always excited about learning more about animals and there are many songs here that promote that discussion and a fun journey. I give this CD 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 12. Reviewed by John Wood, KIDS FIRST! Music Juror
KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - Animal Farm's, We Are One, is a wonderful CD filled with songs that promote social and emotional learning and self-expression. It uses animal characters to help bring people together. There's great storytelling and really cool beats to help to make this group of educator's and musician's version of Aesop's Fables come to life.

Each track tells a story that makes the listener either feel happy or sad. From shouting out animal noises in Cranky Pants, to learning how to deal with life's challenges in It Always Could Be Worse, children are taught humanity through different mixes of all genres of music including jazz, blues, salsa, afro-pop and more.

We Are One is surprisingly not a CD with songs simply about animals with human-like qualities. It teaches kids creativity and encourages them to use their imaginations to understand real life situations and people. After listening to the chorus of these tracks, you'll find that colorful songs like Awesome Possum and Snow Bird will stick in your head.

I give this CD 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for kids ages 2 to 6. You can stream these songs online at or buy the CD. Thanks for listening, peace out!

Reviewed by Brandon James J., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 9

At a glance, I love the concept of We Are One by Chicago based quartet Animal Farm. In the world we live in now, this refreshing album with the image of planet earth surrounded by a bunch of animal friends makes a great message, because we very much need inclusion and music!

We Are One is a compilation of happy tracks. The music is not the traditional harmonies that we often hear on children's music. It is an eclectic collection of song genres that you can enjoy - rock, country, folk and others. In general, it sounds very American.

In some songs, the ukulele, stands out and in others, the violin. The lyrics are fun and the vibe is very positive. There's a simple, but thoughtful storytelling within all songs.

My favorite tracks are "Cranky Pants," which for some reason sticks in my head, "Two Headed Tortoise," "Screen Time" and "The Abbys," which I love the French prelude because it reminds of Jacques Cousteau's marine explorations. When "Nocturnal Me" starts, it reminds me of the beautiful tune in Kansas' "Dust in the Wind." I may be 10 years old, but I love music from 60s, 70s and 80s).

I also love how, when you listen to this music, it sounds like regular songs and not a typical kids' CD. And, when you listen to the lyrics, they are very funny. When I listen to this album, I think of a family road trip with music in the background that all family members can enjoy and relate to.

Kudos for Animal Farm's musicians, educators and soul up-lifters for creating such terrific material for kids and people of all ages to enjoy.

Reviewed by KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Zoe C., age 10

Animal Farm's fun CD titled We are One is filled with music that give us lessons and things we should always remember. We are kids and kids sometimes don't understand the world. Sometimes we get confused or sad or mad for a lot of different reasons. Sometimes we can react and things that we thought were bad become worse, because we didn't think first. There are so many lessons in these songs plus they are just fun to listen to and sing along!

One of the songs I like best is called Slow Down. It is about a snail watching everyone in the world rush past him, scrambling to get here or to do this or that. He keeps telling people to slow down. I wish the world would slow down too. I wish people had time to sit and relax, talk and have fun. We are always going somewhere or doing something and we don't enjoy it much, because we are rushing to do something else. We should remember to take our time and really enjoy our life by taking time to appreciate everything.

Another song I like is called The Abyss. I had to look up that word. It means a big dark place that has no end or seems like it does. An animal says his house is in the abyss and that everyone is not going to like it because it is not their home, but he likes it because it is his home. We all feel more comfortable at our own home where we eat and talk to our family, sleep and do homework. We are most comfortable there. When we go to someone else's house, even if it is nice, we do not feel as comfortable as we do at home. This song tells kids to be happy that they have a home and to relax and be happy there.

The last song I'll mention is We are One. They saved the best song for last. There is so much bad going on in the world with so many different types of people, some thinking they are better than others. Some people are treated badly if they are handicapped or if they don't fit in. Everyone is different, but we all should be able to get along, be proud or ourselves and be nice to other people. The song talks about how we could all agree that, even if we are different, we are people and should make everyone feel comfortable.

I like this CD and recommend it to ages 5 to 12 and give it 4 out of 5 stars. It's available now, so look for it. Reviewed by KIDS FIRST! Film Critic SaniyaRain F., age 11
Runtime: 46 minutes Juror Recommended Age: 5-12 Suggested Retail Price: $ 15 Media: AUDIO

Description - Four Zoonicorns, magical hybrids of zebras and unicorns, take young animals who are facing a real-life challenges on imaginative adventures in the dreamland Zooniverse. Songs introduce the characters and share empowering social-emotional lessons that teach the power to win is always within!
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - Zoonicorn Sing-Along Songs, Volume 1 is a web series that features 3-D multicolored unicorn characters, My Little Pony-ish, with unique magical strengths that impart through song and story positive and uplifting answers to children's fears and esteem issues. The songs are well-performed and produced, though somewhat repetitive in style. Children will be drawn to the vivid color and texture of the scenery and characters as well as the child-like voices. In addition, children will identify with the trials and tribulations of the little Otter, Pancake, as he learns life lessons with the help of the Zoonicorns. Nicely produced and performed music. Orchestration is particularly well done on the Pancake story. There is definitely value in the positive messages such as: You can do anything if you try. Don't give up. Keep your eyes on the prize. The sample episode and songs follow the uplifting winner approach of this concept and the 3-D visual style works well as a platform. One problem I have with it is that some concepts or particular phrase are over the heads of little target audience such as 'go with the flow' or 'dot your i's and cross your t's'. It teaches children about tools to use to overcome fear or self esteem issues. Recommended for ages 2 to 5. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. Reviewed by John Wood, KIDS FIRST! Music specialist.
KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - Are you ready to listen to the unique, magical and joyful web series that features 3-D multicolored unicorn characters. Get ready to view real-life challenges and imaginative adventures in the dreamland Zooniverse. This colorful masterpiece web series is created and executive produced by Mark Lubratt and directed by Cliff Dew and Ariel Yamus.

The web series follows four Zoonicorns, magical hybrids of zebras and unicorns, taking young animals facing real-life issues on imaginative adventures in the dreamland Zooniverse. The songs introduce the characters and share empowering social-emotional lessons that teach the power to win is always within. When the animals fall asleep, the Zoonicorns appear in their dreams.

The set of songs are well-performed and produced. Along with each song, you will meet seven new colorful, inspiring and adventurous friends as you visit beautiful Zooniverse. The songs provide age appropriate lyrics for which kids can easily sing alone. How fun is this? The music provides positive impact for children to build their vocabulary. No question that every child will be drawn to the vivid colors and texture of the scenery and characters, as well as the child-like voices.

This web series deliveries very powerful messages - for every problem, there is a solution; nothing is impossible, if you just believe in yourself; you can do anything; don't give up! Some of my favorite themes are about showing children to care about themselves, to be creative and to use their imaginations. The Zoonicorns provides lots of positive answers.

I believe the whole family will enjoy this web series and kids will certainly enjoy the catchy tunes This web series launches December 1, 2018 so look for it. Enjoy the fun adventures of the Zoonicorns. I recommend it for ages 2 to 5 and give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed by Nathalia J., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 9

The Zoonicorns are four mixes of Unicorns and Zebras that help other animals with their problems. When the animals fall asleep, the Zoonicorns appear in their dreams. As the Zoonicorns help others, they sing and their singing provides lyrics for which kids can easily sing along. This singing is great for preschoolers. The Zoonicorns provide answers to problems. The solution they find for every problem is that it comes from within and nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself. Teaching a child about caring for themselves, using their imagination and creativity is another part of their message. The sing along builds up and introduces words to help the child expand their vocabulary, understanding new words and learning how to use them. This great web series comes out December 1, 2018. You can find it online so look for it. Enjoy the fun adventures of the Zoonicorns. I recommend it for ages 2 to 6 and give it 5 out of 5 stars. By Cemre C, KIDS FIRST! Youth Reviewer, age 14
Runtime: 17 minutes Juror Recommended Age: 2-5 Suggested Retail Price: $ Media: AUDIO

Series: AUDIO, AGES 5-12
Description - From the creators of the hit Story Pirates Podcast comes an album full of songs for kids that parents will love, too! Nothing Is Impossible features twelve infectious songs, written and performed by the Story Pirates, based entirely on stories written by KIDS! To learn more about the us, visit!
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - The Story Pirates have created a lovely 12 song album based on original stories written by children ages 4 to 11. The imagination is brilliant throughout this project and the performances are impeccable. Each song is based on a different child's original story so each structure is unique to that particular content. You know you're in for a ride when the opening song is "Fart Out Loud Day," written by two sisters from Colorado. I'm sorry, but "Pass Gas Out Loud Day" just doesn't have the same je ne sais quoi - excuse my French. "All Eight Unicorns" are pretentious valley girls and reminded me of the Kardashians - silly unicorns! These are well produced arrangements and performances that are absolutely creatively stimulating for young minds. They are smart songs with a child's sensibility where imagination rules the day and written stories can blossom into something very special. The performances and production are first-rate across the board! Sharing observations and fun, silly ideas with peers can build positive social interaction. I would hope this concept would encourage a child to write down their own stories and observations. This would be a fun activity for the classroom. The hits keep coming and the smiles are plenty, so find your way to this gleaming pot of gold because Nothing Is Impossible! I give this 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to ages 5 to 12. It is well produced, entertaining and fun.
KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - Nothing is Impossible is a collection of songs that are impossible to get out of your head (in the best way possible)! These tunes are funny, addicting and creative. Kids and parents alike will love this music. Even as a teenager, I found this album really funny and musically impressive. I really enjoyed listening to each song and felt that I was listening to music that I could show my kids in years to come.

Nothing is Impossible features songs written and sung by the creators of the hit Story Pirates Podcast. It's based entirely on stories written by young children. The influences for these stories include six-year-old Leah from Maryland's story about being in the car (hence the title "In the Car"), a comic made by eleven-year-old Peer from California ("The Guy") and ten-year-old Alex from New York's story about a talking carrot ("Fred the Carrot"). One story that really caught my eye was four-year-old Ethan's from New Jersey. Ethan has heterotaxy, so he has a special heart and battery. He said the reason behind writing his story was that he would "love to run and catch a seagull, but I can't even jump that high so I wrote a story about it." I really want to commend Story Pirates for choosing Ethan's story and allowing him to express himself. It is really heartwarming to listen to that song and read Ethan's artist statement.

Nothing is Impossible is really an awesome album. Kids will laugh hysterically at songs such as "Fart Out Loud Day" and "Fred the Carrot." Even I had to stop myself from chuckling. Some of these song lyrics are really creative, as are the concepts. It's hard to believe that young kids came up with these ideas. The songs promote self-love and positive messages for young kids, such as believing in yourself and being confident and proud. The concept of this collection is an original one. I've never heard of anyone basing songs off of kids' ideas. Kids can be smarter than grown-ups sometimes, so it is really interesting to see all of these cool concepts played out in song form.

I recommend Nothing is Impossible for kids ages 2 to 10 and give it 5 out of 5 stars, because of its creativity and humor. This CD is a fun and entertaining way for young children to enjoy music and life. Thanks to its positivity, it may also boost their spirits and confidence. I really enjoyed this CD and I think younger kids will enjoy it even more.

Reviewed by Ella L., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 14
Runtime: 45 minutes Juror Recommended Age: 5-12 Suggested Retail Price: $ 9.99 Media: AUDIO


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Description - Limited edition includes bendable Prickle and Goo figures. Two DVD set. Welcome back Gumby and Pokey in this wild, wacky and inventive collection of '80s episodes. Featuring 50 clay-animated episodes, fully remastered from their original camera rolls and soundtracks. Also making appearances are Prickle, Goo, the Blockheads, Professor Kapp, Dr. Zveegee, the Moon Boggles, and Gumby's parents Gumbo and Gumba. New characters include Gumby's sister Minga, Denali the Mastodon and Tilly the chicken!
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - Everybody loves a bargain so buckle up because this CD/DVD package fits the bill. Now that I have your divided attention, let me tell you more. First we have the magnanimous Dan Crow's Concoction CD featuring five flagship STEM tunes finely produced and performed along with their companion karaoke tracks for future rock stars to sing. But wait there's more! How about four STEM-themed music videos and a surprise bonus track featuring animated dynamic teen Anny Dallshouse leading the fun? And wait there's even more!! How about we add an 'A' to make it an artsy STEAM and load up 16 terrific tunes by 16 different and unique artists? How is this possible you ask? That's beyond me, but just be thankful. Love it all. Why this is the biggest no-brainer since before people had brains. There are terrific production values and performances which make it a fun learning experience in every way. Kids will love the wealth of songs and music videos in these hours of fun. The structure is very sound, because the artists follow a specific concept with STEM/STEAM. STEM is a buzz word (science, technology, engineering, math) and this is a fun and great way to further education and employment in our fast-moving society. Children are exposed to the STEM concept in school, so this package supports and augments what they are learning in school. This CD/video package is top-notch throughout. The vocals and production are weaved together seamlessly. It offers major learning experiences on a variety of subjects. There is lots to follow up on for students, teachers and families. I have to rest now...Enjoy! I give a Golden Buzzer on this one, two big thumbs up, 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 10, as well as adults who will find it equally enjoyable. Reviewed by KIDS FIRST! Music Expert, John Wood
KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - Hey kids! Are you ready to learn STEM in a fun and educational way? This CD will have you grooving to the beat, making your head bop and your fingers snap away to higher learning. This collection includes two CDs and one DVD for your enjoyment. It also includes five karaoke tracks to encourage kids to sing along!

I like everything about this collection, because every song has a lesson. Some children learn best through music. They stick in your head and get you singing along. It makes it easier to remember how science, technology, engineering and math works and how they affect our daily lives. I think that using songs that kids will listen to makes learning more lively for children. I felt as if I was a part of creating this CD. It is definitely is my kind of feel good music.

Children's music artist Dan Crow and his partners at KidzMusic Records have collaborated with various children's performing artists to make learning about the STEM subjects more fun, through the art of music. This collection of CDs will draw a large audience of children. Dan Crow captures your attention as well as your parent's attention. On this CD you get music and learning, all to a fun beat.

My favorite song has to be "Technology," on the Dan Crow concoctions CD. Technology goes as far back as the 1860s. Everyday technology is improving and innovating all the time and we try to keep up with it. Children today use technology a lot more in schools than they use textbooks. We use technology on a daily basis - our phones, TVs, cars, laptops and iPads, just to name a few. Technology never goes out of style. It changes constantly and only gets better and easier to use.

I am pretty sure that you and your child will enjoy listening to this collection. Not only are the tunes catchy, but the lyrics are educational. This is a very fun way to further your knowledge on STEM subjects. I give this collection 5 out of 5 five stars and highly recommend it for ages 5 to 8. These two CDs and one DVD are affordable and available in stores and online now. Buy it for a friend who can use a good hip lesson. Reviewed by Sev'n F.
Runtime: 90 minutes Juror Recommended Age: 5-8 Suggested Retail Price: $ 19.99 Media: AUDIO

Description - Josh Lovelace, Knoxville, Tennessee native and member of the Grammy Nominated rock band NEEDTOBREATHE, has been making music his entire life. As a young kid, he would sing songs and put on shows for his family and friends, pretending to be the world's next big superstar. Now, 33 with two kids of his own, he is reliving the spirit of those early years with a collection of children's music the whole family can enjoy. This CD features 15 original songs, written from Josh's experiences as a father. Produced and recorded in his East Tennessee home, the record includes guest appearances by Ben Rector, Ellie Holcomb, Spirit Family Reunion and legendary children's recording artists Sharon & Bram. There is something for every member of the family to enjoy!
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - Josh Lovelace's Young Folk album is sweet candy for the ears and soul. It's like being wrapped in a warm blanket, staring with wonder at the night skies with someone you love. Love is the overriding theme in this wholesome family collection that talks directly to and not down to inquisitive little ones, with just the right touch of zany added to the mix. Lovelace and Friends' vocals are smooth and inviting as a summer day. Fine production and songwriting round out a lovely, gentle listening experience. It is very accessible for children and adults alike - striking just the right balance. The flow of the album is perfect with each song a nice surprise. Lovelace draws from his family observations as he treasures every moment through his art. Love of family and each other permeate the collection along with caring and sharing life experiences. The songs are perfectly constructed with the intended audience in mind and include a few gems for adults. I can't say enough good things about it. I love the vocals and instrument choices. I would hope that the listener would model awareness of the moments and observations of the world around us. I definitely give this 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to ages 3 to 8. Reviewed by John Wood, KIDS FIRST! Music Specialist.

Josh Lovelace and Friends presents Young Folk is a rock n roll and folk-inspired collection of children's music the whole family can enjoy. This CD features 15 original songs written by Josh Lovelace, produced and recorded in his East Tennessee home. The record includes exciting guest appearances by Ellie Holcomb, Spirit Family Reunion and legendary children's recording artists Sharon & Bram. There are additional vocals by Josh's wife Whitney and his son Henry, age four. His daughter, Margo, lends her toddler talents in the form of baby coos and sound bites. The songs are inspired by Lovelace's personal experiences as a father of two. While some songs will have you rocking out, there are also a few incredibly smooth sleepy-time ballads. The cover artwork on the inner sleeve is a high quality, colorful portrayal of the Lovelace family enjoying music and picnic time. Included are pages of whimsical illustrations alongside the lyrics to each original track. Lovelace dedicates the album as a "love letter to my children" and the beautiful music and heartfelt lyrics prove that's exactly what it is. Reviewed by Eli Byerly, KIDS FIRST! Adult Reviewer
KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - Josh Lovelace and Friends Present: Young Folk is an album for the whole family with a nice, mellow atmosphere throughout including a few silly, fun songs. The collection is geared towards children by Josh Lovelace of the band NEEDTOBREATHE, who has been nominated for a Grammy. My favorite song on this album is You're My Very Best Friend because it is very sweet with good usage of backup vocals and it describes friendship quite well. It also tells me this is going to be different from other kids' albums with a much more sophisticated feeling to it.

Where this album really succeeds is in its broad appeal. There are one or two louder, repetitive tracks on the album you might find on your typical children's CD, but there are also more quiet, reflective pieces that parents will also enjoy. This is why I give this CD and age recommendation 4 to 15 and rate it 4 out of 5 stars. I think I might go back and listen to this one again. I recommend you listen to this album for its fun, yet sophisticated atmosphere.

Reviewed by Benjamin P., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 13
Runtime: 34 minutes Juror Recommended Age: 3-12 Suggested Retail Price: $ 9.99 Media: AUDIO


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Description - The tenth CD of original, interactive music from Vincent Nunes emphasizes age-appropriate movement fundamentals for early learners. This fun, catchy collection of songs is already the winner of a 2018 NAPPA award, Tilliwig Award and Parents' Picks Award.
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - Move Move Move is a Winner Winner Winner! A tasty mixture of good songs, strong performances and natty arrangements - with a perfect helping of audience participation - make this collection an irresistible fun-fest. Years of onstage and up-close interaction with children has molded singer-songwriter Vincent Nunes into a positive Pied Piper planting seeds of love, acceptance and engaging entertainment wherever he goes. "Our future is in the hands of our children. I can't think of a more important job," states Nunes. Hear Hear Hear! I give this one 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 4 to 7. Reviewed by John Wood, KIDS FIRST! Music Specialist
KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - I adore this new and silly CD because it has lots of rhythm and cute new songs to sing. It not only brings joy to every child listening, but it also teaches life lessons and moral values which stick with you for a long time. This is something I treasure because it makes this CD perfect for the whole family.

My favorite song is "ABC Jones." I couldn't help but sing this song to my mom because her last name is Jones and it made me think of her and my family. This song is perfect for young kids who don't yet know their ABCs because it is funny and catchy. At the same time, it is a fun new way to think about the Alphabet. If you want, you can even make a version for yourself.

I can see why Move, Move, Move has won multiple awards including NAPPA, Tilliwig and Parents' Picks. It is due to the catchy music and upbeat rhythm, which has everybody dancing and singing. Kids as young as 2 to even 13-year-old kids will enjoy this. Some of the songs are very quirky, so they are bound to grab the attention of younger audiences.

The creators of this CD are very talented and they know how to appeal to different ages. Both kids and adults will want to listen to the same songs on the CD and adults won't get bored. A;; the music is catchy and fun to listen to and there is a variety of music genres so there is something for every one.

Another thing to like about this CD is its versatile language. The songs use simple words that younger kids will understand and more complex words that older kids will understand. I recommend this CD for ages 2 to-11 and give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed by Morgan B., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 13

Kids, are you ready to move, move, move? Let's get ready to listen to some catchy, kid-friendly and fun songs. Then get ready to dance, bounce, move your feet and clap your hands to the beat. I fully love all eleven songs plus the hidden bonus song. Yes, there's a bonus song that completes this lovely adventure. There is no way you won't be dancing to these songs. Each one is highly entertaining and definitely interactive. This is a great CD to add to your music collection.

This CD is filled with kid-friendly, enjoyable, funny, fun, curriculum-based music for kids. The songs are full of rhymes, fun beats and stick-in-your-head lyrics. I love each and every song because they all have a specific tone from fun and festival, to slow, to upbeat!

My favorite song is definitely "ABC Jones," because it brings such a cheerful and upbeat feeling with great laughter and joy. The song had me giggle with its rhyming, high energy and drums that had me bouncing off the walls - literally. My favorite lyric is "I know I won't forget his name, even though it's long because I learned to sing this song, ABCD...Jones!" This song made me dance and sing along. Such active music!

Who is the creator of this CD full of songs? Vincent Nunes who just released his tenth recording of original music for children. He sure knows how to make little ones want to dance and move. Vincent is the winner of the 2018 NAPPA Awards, the 2018 Parents' Pick awards, and the 2018 Tillywig Awards. He is a musical artist, award winning composer and a fantastic performer. Vincent Nunes music is adored by many children.

I believe every child will enjoy this astonishing collection of songs. I give it 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 7. This CD is now available so look for it. For more information on Vincent Nunes please visit:

Reviewed by Nathalia J., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 9
Runtime: 38 minutes Juror Recommended Age: 2-12 Suggested Retail Price: $ 15 Media: AUDIO

Description - Strikingly crafted pop songs for kids, with stick-in-your-head lyrics and catchy melodies - plus a memorable cast of characters that bring kids into Andy's world, taking them on a musical adventure. The camp every kid will want to go to.
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - Lets go to Camp Andyland or camp in general or stay at home and listen to the CD! This CD is well produced and entertaining. If your busy schedule does not allow you to take your valuable time and refresh and renew at a Camp near you, then sit back, relax and listen to the infectiously fun Camp Andyland - a world inhabited by zany dinosaurs, not-so-scary pirates and a host of other silly sausages! The songs are engaging, delightful adventures that will tickle your ear lobes - and we all need that - so make a date to have some fun and sing-a-long with your new found friends at Camp Andyland! The character voices are quite engaging as are the different musical styles and fun kid-friendly topics. I predict lots of fun and participation from young audiences as they experience the quirky adventures and music. This exemplifies good songwriting skills, terrific use of tempo and instrumentation and very experienced kid-friendly content. Explore and learn about the many wondrous things in this big wide world! Andy respectfully connects to the kids, because he still retains the joys of the child within. He has a handle on what kids like and respond to and doesn't talk down them, but leans in to their level. This is a professional recording all around. Andy does most of the heavy lifting on vocals, instruments and character voices and the recording quality is well done. I give this 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 8. Reviewed by John W., KIDS FIRST! Adult Music Juror.
KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - Are you ready for camp? Sit back, relax and listen to the upbeat, feel-good music to cheer you up! Let's take a trip with Camp Andy, the camp every kid will want to go, with true joy from beginning to end. I perfectly love tuning in, singing and grooving to the songs. This collection of appealing, remarkable fun, lovely adventures is produced, arranged and engineered by Andy Z.

This CD is filled with strikingly crafted pop songs for kids, stick-in-your-head lyrics and catchy melodies - plus, a memorable cast of characters that bring kids into Andy Z's world. This infectious collection of songs contains many from the popular AndyLand series such as "Welcome to AndyLand," "Return to AndyLand" and "Summer in AndyLand."

This collection includes 16 songs, each with a catchy melody and memorable lyrics. I must say, it's an astonishing set of songs. Each song puts you into the camp vibe. Plus, the memorable cast of characters brings kids into Andy Z's world. You can see Andy's creativity and imagination in each song. This whole CD definitely kept me engaged from the beginning to the end.

My favorite song is definitely "I Went to a Party with Dinosaurs," because the lyric are outstandingly funny. This song certainly gave me a laugh-out-loud moment. The rhymes have a way of making you giggle. For example, here's one of my favorites lyrics: "I went on over to say 'hello' and he almost bit off my nose." That rhyme shows why it made me laugh like crazy. The song brings has a professional vibe with its high pitch instruments and great vocals.

Who is Andy Z? Andy is the creator of Camp AndyLand and all its humorous songs. He is an multiple award-winning children's performer, singer, songwriter and educator who combines music, movement, storytelling and character puppets to create a experience that capture children's attention.

I believe the whole family will enjoy this musical collection and kids will enjoy the funny, kid-friendly, exciting, intriguing set of songs. I give this 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 8. This CD is now available online and at discriminating music stores.

By Nathalia J., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 9
Runtime: 34 minutes Juror Recommended Age: 5-8 Suggested Retail Price: $ 14.98 Media: AUDIO

CHA CHA CHA - FRENCH LEARNING SONGS - WHISTLEFRITZ LLC Click to purchase directly from the producer
Series: AUDIO CD, AGES 5-12
Description - Parlez-vous cha, cha, cha? From samba and merengue to rumba and reggae, this wildly fun collection of songs with Latin and Caribbean rhythms adds an exciting twist to learning French that makes learning French as easy as un, deux, trois.
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - This is an upbeat and energetic learning tool for children ages 3 to 7. Join Fritzi the Mouse and friends as they teach us how to sing in French by using this amazing CD comprised of 15 fun songs! Get ready to feel the Island breeze through steel drums and rhythmic beats as you learn French versions of kid classics. You'll hear some old and some new tunes including Months of the Year, Numbers, Vowels, Days of the Week, Seasons, Bingo, Hide and Seek and On the Bridge of Avignon. The vocals are beautifully clear and performed by acclaimed singer Lynn Veronneau. The unique music, composed by Didier Prossaird, has an French Island influence that is undeniably catchy. Some of the songs are supplemented with children's vocals and chants to prompt participation and memorization by the listeners. The songs run between one and four minutes in length for a total of approximately 36 minutes of listening time. Included is an extensive vocabulary companion booklet with colorful illustrations of your favorite Whistlefritz friends! This CD has won awards from Dr. Toy, Parent's Choice Foundation and the National Parenting Publication. You can gain access to additional Whistlefritz media and educational tools via I give this CD 5 out of 5 stars for its creative and unique sound. After listening to it, you'll surely be speaking French and humming these tunes throughout the day! I recommend this for teachers, parents or anyone with children who want to learn a second language in a friendly and fun way. Reviewed by Eli B., KIDS FIRST! Adult Juror
KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - Whistlefritz: Cha Cha Cha is an upbeat album for the whole family that helps kids learn French in a new and fun way.

Each song on Whistlefritz: Cha Cha Cha teaches a different aspect of speaking the French language. Songs range from being about the seasons to the days of the week and even certain jobs.

This CD is great at teaching vocabulary. The songs are sufficiently repetitive in a way that will educate those new to French, but won't annoy those already familiar with the vocabulary being taught. Even if you don't wish to learn French, the songs are peppy and catchy. A lot of different instruments are used and every song has a different feel and vibe.

I recommend it for ages 3 to 18. As long as your child or you are ready to learn some French, you should enjoy this CD. I would recommend this as a segue even into beginning level adults learning French. I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is a nice review of some things in French for me, as someone who already knows some, and both beginners and experienced speakers are certain to get something out of this CD.

Cha, Cha, Cha: French Learning Songs is a helpful, educational, kid-friendly collection of songs that encourage learning the language of French through the art of song. French is a beautiful language that is great to know. The fun songs on this track really add something special to the experience of learning.

I had an awesome time listening to these songs and following along with the booklet provided. The woman who sings has a lovely voice, which is complemented by the upbeat rhythms of the music. This CD is full of catchy tunes that are easy to learn and fun for kids to sing along to. The music is energetic, fun and an absolute blast. It is child friendly and, at the same time very educational. I have no doubt that kids who genuinely want to learn French will enjoy this immensely.

I give this CD 5 out of 5 and commend it for ages 2 to 8. I loved this CD and think that it is a unique and helpful way to assist young learners who want to broaden their horizons and learn a new language. It's available now wherever CDs are sold and online at Whistlefritz so, look for it.

Reviewed by Ella L., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 14

I really enjoyed listening to this CD. It is entertaining music that uses catchy and recognizable songs to teach French! It makes fun background music for little kids and they can do anything they want while listening to the music. By hearing the music at young age, they will learn French by immersion. It's like singing to kids and learning English without thinking about, just the way we learn English. It comes with the English words to the songs as well, so you can read those while listening if you like. I have to admit that it was a bit difficult for me to understand everything, because I don't know French. But kids under the age of five will probably get the hang of it quicker and will be singing the tunes without knowing they are singing in French. If you're older, you may like it the CD because the tunes are catchy and fun to listen to. I recommend this for ages 2 to 5 and give it 5 out of 5 stars. It is available now wherever CDs are sold and online at Whistlefritz.

Reviewed by Rachel K., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 13

Everyone get ready to move and grove to this terrific new CD! I adore the catchy beat of the music and how I found myself singing in French right away. Cha, Cha, Cha: French Learning Songs is musically creative and makes you want to dance and sing. Even if you don't know the French words, you soon will.

One thing that I really love about this is that it teaches you French in a wondrous way that kids, young and old will enjoy. Everyone likes music, so what better way to learn French than through song.

The songs are about the mouths of the year, different types of fruits, numbers and BINGO - the song that everyone loves. Since the songs are in French, the CD comes with a booklet that translates the lyrics into English, so you will understand every word. I enjoyed this factor because I now know how to say things like kiwi and October in French as well as English.

I recommend this for ages 4 to 13 and give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed by Morgan B., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 13
Runtime: 40 minutes Juror Recommended Age: 5-12 Suggested Retail Price: $ 14.99 Media: AUDIO

Description - When a shiny spaceship lands in Emilia's backyard, she meets URR from planet Goopda who has traveled to Earth to promote universal peace. The two learn about working together and making the world a better place as they sing their way through the day's adventures. Produced by Enrico Lopez-Ya�ez, Asst. Director, Nashville Symphony; Jeff Silverman producer of Mattel's Barbie "The Look." Composer: Ruth Weber.
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - The Spaceship That Fell In My Backyard is the newest release from mother-daughter team, Ruth and Emilia. Featuring strong engaging vocals and terrific production values this fun-filled musical odyssey will have everyone dancing in the streets... as long as there is no traffic and you've looked both ways four times! URR from the planet Goopda is here on a mission of universal peace (like we need it!) and our heroes share positive adventures of love, acceptance and care for planet Earth. A splendid time is guaranteed for all! This energized pop-rock music has some very fun arrangements and instrumentation. It is well produced. The vocals are well-performed and the musicianship is terrific. There are lots of positive messages about love, acceptance, friendship and caring - all very relate-able child oriented issues. The structure follows a theme about our heroes befriending an alien traveler and they share positive goals for the planet. On the plus side, the alien doesn't eat them! This CD is perfect for its intended audience and is created in a gentle loving way. There are safety tips, caring for the planet advice and words of wisdom about befriending people from foreign lands. It all proves that learning and fun can be one. The artists know their audience and intended age group well. I love the way it celebrates our individuality as people and cultures, our deep love and caring for the Earth and the joy and appreciation of our friends near and galactically far away. This CD, in association with their stage show presents a nice package that will get kids get excited about outer space, Earth stewardship and respect for other cultures. I highly recommend it and give it 4 out of 5 stars. My audience recommendation is ages 5 to 10, as well as parents. Reviewed by John Wood, KIDS FIRST! Adult juror.
KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - This CD has lots of wonderful, catchy songs - all upbeat and inspirational. They tell the story of an alien crashing down in a little girl's backyard. They sing about friendship and having fun in life, brushing your teeth at night, saying no to drugs and not talking to strangers. I love how they make catchy songs about these good habits. The song helps you remember these habits.

The only concern I have about this CD is that some of the songs contain words in them that young listeners might not understand. Even though younger children might sing the words, it is always good to include words that young kids understand. Another issue I have is that some of the songs are sun really fast, making it hard to hear the words they are singing.

The CD is definitely informational and catchy and something that kids will definitely learn something from. I recommend it for ages 3 to 7 and give it 4 out of 5 stars. This CD comes out on March 23, 2018 so be sure to check it out!

Reviewed by Jolleen M., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12

This CD tells a story through song and a blend of a variety of music types. Although it teaches positive lessons, this CD is a promising concept met by a somewhat disappointing result.

The storyline is about a young girl named Emilia whose backyard is the landing site for an alien ship from the planet Goopda. The spaceship is carrying an alien named URR. Emilia and URR learn about each others' lives and find they have more in common than they thought.

The CD struggles at keeping an overarching idea to justify an entire CD. It starts off with the thread about Emilia and her otherworldly visitors and then descends into a group of songs about world peace and bubble baths. It doesn't reclaim its original thread until much later and abruptly ends just when it starts to get interesting.

I recommend it for ages 3 to 7 and give it 2 out of 5 stars. Younger kids will enjoy the happy vibe and simple rhymes.

Reviewed by Benjamin P., KIDS FIRST! Reviewer, age 12
Runtime: 31 minutes Juror Recommended Age: 4-8 Suggested Retail Price: $ 10.99 Media: AUDIO

Series: AUDIO CD FOR AGES 5-12
Description - This is a musical treasure trove that joyfully celebrates the common chord of the human family. From Celtic to Cajun, African to Mexican, Caribbean to American blues as well as jazz and that Bo Diddly beat, "Life Circles" takes the listener on a spirited musical journey!
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - Like her song Sweet Potato Pie, Carrie Higgins' 'Life Circles' album is chock full of terrific musical ingredients that will bring a satisfied smile to your face and will keep you coming back for more. Her vocals and songwriting skills are terrific and her choice of subject matter skews well for her target audience. With the extra added baked-in pinch of love throughout, this CD is quite perfect for home, school and travel time! There are a lot of positive values, catchy tunes and variety in subject matter. The songs are well-produced and performed including stimulating musical styles and effects. It is very supportive with clear participatory call and response and overall gentleness and love. There are positive behaviors modeled: connection with the Earth, love for all people, appreciation of our differences and love of family. She never talks down to the children and keeps concepts understandable to her target audience. It is very well recorded. Carrie Higgins' voice is terrific! Well-played all around. It offers a plethora of pro social benefits from the importance of love and family, the boomerang effects from lying, the importance of healthy food and the idea that dreams and aspirations can be attained. I would hope that this album would be subject to repeated listening and instill a stronger sense of belonging and self-esteem in the children. I give this 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 3 to 8. Reviewed by John Wood, KIDS FIRST! Juror.
KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - Life Circles is a positive album with good background instruments and a unique set of songs. Singer / songwriter Carrie Higgins's album is geared towards families and features songs about everything from blood sugar, to an interesting connection with a robe, to a folk tale in song form. My favorite song is Rock-A-Bye. It's got a good rhythm and I appreciate that the repetition goes on just long enough to make it catchy without being annoying. I also like that the songs draw from a range of influences and styles from around the world, including Latin and African beats. My one criticism of this album is that there is no major shift in tone in the selection of songs. While these upbeat high-tempo tunes have a nice assortment of instruments, few songs stand out from the others.

Life Circles is a perfect CD for a road trip. It has 14 songs that will have you and your kids singing along. I also like that they use children's voices for some songs. Kids are more likely to enjoy it when they know that their peers contributed to the album. Overall, the songs are cheerful and easy to listen to. Younger kids and their families are sure to enjoy this fun CD. I recommend it for ages 3 to 9.
Runtime: 45 minutes Juror Recommended Age: 3-8 Suggested Retail Price: $ 14.98 Media: AUDIO


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Description - Dana Cohenour, a pioneering independent singer, songwriter and educator whose music has earned 17 national awards and acclaim from critics and families alike, leaps back into the scene with a brand-new collection of action songs for kids. Dana's sixth highly interactive album includes 12 mostly original songs designed to get kids ages one to seven up and moving, grooving and laughing. Wordplay, catchy melodies and top-notch musicianship.
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - Dana is a seasoned, veteran performer and her work shows it. Her vocals are crystal clear and engaging, the production values are terrific featuring some smoking good musicians. The songs are high-energy and demand participation unless you are Velcroed or hot-melt glued to your seat. Great for classrooms, home schools and for kids you just need to tire out with good positive, down-home, funky fun music! Pick up this CD and you might not be able to put it down. Love the energy, the participation and production quality. Songs are terrific for activity and downright fun! The album flows nicely. The artist knows her audience well and her songs follow suit. Listeners will probably seek out more Dana music! It's just that good. Reviewed by John Wood, KIDS FIRST! Music juror.
KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - I enjoyed listening to Dana's Best Jump & Jam Tunes CD! I found myself tapping to the beat of many songs. One of the things I like about this CD is that so many of the songs are nursery rhymes. They have simple melodies, fun rhythms and positive, upbeat messages. Many of them are about animals and the importance of doing the right thing in life. The "I Love Mommy" song is very simple yet it is a reminder of the most important people in our lives - our family.

There are twelve songs on the CD. It's too difficult to pick a favorite, I love "Barnyard Hoedown," "Jumping Beans," "Five Green and Speckled Frogs and "I Love Mommy. The reason why I like "Barnyard Hoedown" so much is because it is a country song with animal voices, a kid's choir and ends with a cow mooing. The "Jumping Beans" is really cool because of its Spanish flavor and the inclusion of a xylophone. I also think "Five Green and Speckled Frogs" is funny because of the frogs croaking in it. Finally, the "I Love Mommy" is particularly touching lullaby with having a heartfelt simple message about loving your family.

Dana Cohenour sings all the songs on the CD is really great. Her voice is very pretty and she can make funny sounds with her voice like singing with different accents. She also does the fun musical arrangements.

The message of this CD is about the importance of respecting animals, doing the right thing and loving your family. What sticks out in mind the most is the kids' choir singing, the animal voices and Dana singing in different styles. I also like all the nursery rhymes.

While I think kids of various ages will enjoy this, I recommend it to ages 3 to 7 because the songs are nursery rhymes with animal sounds. I give this 4 out of 5 musical stars for its positive upbeat songs and inclusion of animal and kid voices.

By Abigail Zoe L., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 9
Runtime: 38 minutes Juror Recommended Age: 1-7 Suggested Retail Price: $ 13 Media: AUDIO

Description - A career-spanning collection, celebrating 40 years of hits from the legendary children's troubadour Raffi. The album includes 16 classics including "Down By The Bay" (1976), "Bananaphone" (1994) and, perhaps his most iconic hit, "Baby Beluga" (1980). Beginning with 1976's Singable Songs For The Very Young, pioneering troubadour Raffi Cavoukian (better known simply as "Raffi") is one of the world's best-selling and most influential children's entertainers.
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - I need not remind you that Raffi came to prominence in the Plasticine Period when most children's music was seeking its way in the woolly wilderness - most things were molded in brightly colored clay and deemed most precious. And then, this clarion voice came shining through the stark wilderness, broke the mold and boldly mixed traditional songs in clever ways and wrote original insightful songs of social relevance with love and gentle understanding of his young adoring audience. Somewhere in a faraway distant galaxy little Xnobian children are pointing their antennas toward the Milky Way and receiving the first faint notes of "Baby Beluga". What a treat. Listen and smile and applaud 40 years of this true artist for the ages! This CD has terrific performances, songwriting and production qualities. Raffi's songs are extremely well crafted and provide a relevant message for kids today just as they did when he started out. They are aimed directly with love at their core audience of children from toddlers to 8-year-olds. They model behaviors of love, acceptance, protection and fun! This artist is totally in touch with his audience and the importance of the world in which they live. With its beautiful arrangements and vocal prowess, it provides an absolute learning adventure odyssey. Let's all get involved in saving the Earth for future kids and protecting the innocent. This is a must get for parents of young ones. Reviewed by John Wood, KIDS FIRST! Music Juror.
KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - I love to sing dance and just be a child at heart so I love this CD. It is simply wonderful because it has songs for kids of all ages. It has songs that had me wanting to get up, dance, sing and have fun and I found myself doing just that. I love that Raffi sings songs that are fun and memorable and just plain silly!

Included are 16 unique songs kids can dance, sing, learn and just have a good time along with Raffi. This would be great for parties or sleepovers and will pick you up if you are feeling blue. They are very kid-friendly and teach lessons such as everyone grows up, what the sun is and what it does best. On the flip side, there are songs that are funny and silly and will have you up out of your seat and whirling around your house.

The Wheels on the Bus and If You're Happy and You Know It are classics that have a few twists added which make them even cuter. My favorites are Baby Beluga and Love Bug. I love these two because they are very sweet and very clever and had me laughing and dancing. The Baby Beluga is about a baby beluga's day and what it did. Love Bug is about the love bug and how everyone has one and how it shares love and happiness throughout the world.

This CD really made me feel like I was 5 or 6 again and I loved it. It really lets you be carefree and silly and not have to worry about things that older kids have to worry about. For example, things that really bothers me is that I have to do school, worry about money, boys and report cards and what my parents think of me. When I listen to this music I let all that stress go and kicked back to relax and just have fun and go back to that time of my life when I had no worries, bills or strife. I think that it could really help kids deal with all kinds of things and bring them a bit of joy to their day.

I recommend this for kids ages 2 to 12. Kids will love how Raffi sings songs that are fun and educational. They are easy to follow and invite the listeners to sing and dance along. I give this CD 5 out of 5 singing and dancing stars shooting across the sky.

Reviewed by Morgan B., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12

This CD is a mixture of new and old children's songs. Many of the old songs are favorites and the children got up and danced and sang along to them. Some of the newer or, not so familiar songs, are upbeat and exciting. The first half of the CD are fun, fast paced and kids loved them and danced along. Some of the slower paced ones did not hold my grandchildren's interest as much. An old favorite, "The Wheels on the Bus" was their favorite. Also a new version of De O, Daylight Come and Me Wanna Go Home is delightful. They know the words to this song and clapped their hands and danced along. They also were quite partial to "Down By the Bay," "Apples & Bananas," "Ring, Ring Banana Phone," "Let's Play" and "Shake the Sillies Out." My kids loved the faster paced songs.
Runtime: 45 minutes Juror Recommended Age: 1-8 Suggested Retail Price: $ 10 Media: AUDIO

Series: AUDIO CD FOR AGES 5-12
Description - This is a collection of songs about holidays throughout the year combined with songs about special things that happen every day. Included songs for Martin Luther King Day, Valentines Day, Chinese New Year, Halloween, Fourth of July, Cinco de Mayo, Christmas and more.
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - At last count Hap Palmer has written over a million songs - most people will be too lazy to fact check that fact. It's an election year. I elect Mr. Palmer to the Kids Music Hall of Fame alongside Mister Rogers another bastion of children's rights even when they're wrong sometime and need a hug and a cup of musical cocoa. 'Holiday and Everyday Songs' is a 19-song extravaganza of musical styles and feel good candy kisses that will have mom and dad dancing in Neolithic ways and kids downright digging the tunes and sharing and learning different cultural celebrations and appreciations. This album is memorable! Reviewed by John Wood, KIDS FIRST! Music Judge.
KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - Hap Palmer Holiday and Everyday Songs is fun to listen to. We like the music and the singing. The singing is not like other songs. The songs have expression and feelings. We especially like the song Witches' Brew. The words are so fun and it's catchy. That song gets stuck in your head all day. We love it! It's our favorite. We also like the song Scamper a lot. We think other kids would like this CD because it's really fun!
Runtime: 90 minutes Juror Recommended Age: 5-12 Suggested Retail Price: $ 14.95 Media: AUDIO

Description - This new album, exclusive to Amazon, presents 35 familiar nursery rhymes and songs, collected from hundreds of possibilities in the children's canon. These fresh and sparely produced tracks provide the perfect opportunity for parents to remember their own childhoods, and to connect with their kids through melody, rhythm and rhyme. Acclaimed children's book and magazine illustrator Ekaterina Truhan created the sprightly animal parade art for the album, which also features a "selfie" image of Lisa Loeb on the front cover, and noted singer Renee Stahl guests.
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - Nursery rhymes have been around for hundreds of years and many of the characters are based on real historical figures. Babies don't really care about that but they love the repetitive lyrics and easy to sing melodies especially when loved ones are bonding with them. Lisa Loeb has assembled the definitive collection of 36 familiar nursery rhymes with simple yet sturdy production that accents her lovely distinctive voice, delivers a compelling album that will favor many repeated listenings and join the lexicon of evergreen children's music.

These songs will stick and be passed on to future generations just as we learned them. The performances are first rate across the board. Some language is antiquated but it doesn't matter. The fun is the repetition. i.e.. Row, Row Row Your Boat. The songs are intended for the target age group and their parents who share them. The quality is consistently good. There is a simple structure of voices, percussion and guitar. Reviewed by John Wood, KIDS FIRST! Music Juror.
KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - We liked this CD. It was fun. We liked the music. Our favorite songs were Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall, Farmer in the Dell, and Hush Little Baby. We acted out the songs while we listened. We played with each other while we were acting out the songs. We knew some of the songs already. We have a giant book of all the rhymes that Mother Goose made. It was fun acting out the rhymes. We liked the singing. We want to listen to it again another time. Reviewed by KIDS FIRST! preschool jurors.
Runtime: 30 minutes Juror Recommended Age: 2-5 Suggested Retail Price: $ 10 Media: AUDIO

Description - These full-production songs are both highly entertaining and age appropriate--adult quality music with words and themes that tap into the most common issues confronting 4- to 8-year-olds. These songs were written and produced by award-winning child psychologist, Dr. Mac, who has also been the music director and songwriter for the PBS hit, Jay Jay the Jet Plane. The songs come with a workbook with 125 pages of reproducible lyrics, coloring pages and activities for each of the songs. Collections reviewed include: Friends & Sharing; Social Skills & Bullying; Manners & Character; Happiness & Attitude.
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - To date Happy Kids has released 8, five song, theme-based CDs that are highly produced and performed and share an abundance of sweet, life-affirming lessons wrapped in audio candy for the ears. 'Social Skills & Bullying', for instance, features songs that present tools to deal with bullies and messages on sharing and celebrating differences. The producers and writers know their young audience well and are fully aware of the pressures and concerns that confront them from within and without. Terrific tools for the classroom and anywhere kids are present!

Across the board, the performances - both child and adult - are first rate. The arrangements are terrific and the recording quality is highly professional.

As the songs resonate and as the child sings along and learns the many songs the lessons will start to become life-style changes for the positive
KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - coming soon
Runtime: 60 minutes Juror Recommended Age: 4-8 Suggested Retail Price: $ 19.8 Media: AUDIO

Description - The debut album from Toronto children's' rock band, Rock'n'Rainbow, this CD is a family dance party of high energy tunes with catchy hooks & funk-rock rhythms, exploring favorite forms of exercise: biking, heading out on scooters & boogying-on-down.
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - 'Let's Boogie' lives up to its name and gets you up moving from the first downbeat. I recognize the musical influences and hip performances but the album never talks down to its intended young audience and in places lifts them up to higher ground. Sharp clean production value and solid vocal and songwriting skills will most certainly lead to repeated listening. A nice mixture of participation and a nod to classic children's songs make this album a certain choice for a road trip..

This CD is a fun one for younger kids. I would recommend for ages 3-6. The music is fun and lively and it will definitely make younger kids want to get up and dance! The music is a bit funky and the lyrics are easy for younger kids to relate to and want to sing along. Songs like Faster Scooter Cat and Let's Dance Today are energetic rhythms and just a whole lot of fun to listen to. They even turn classic kids games into songs like The Freeze and the Hokey Funky. I like that the music is a bit reminiscent of the good old 70's. I give this one 5 stars and it would make a great gift suggestion! Reviewed by Denise B., KIDS FIRST! Reviewer
KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - Rock 'n' Rainbow is a super fun band to listen to. Their CD Let's Boogie is full of fun songs. This is definitely not music that is played on the radio. I believe this is so much better. Their is no foul language on any of the songs. The songs on here are very catchy. My favorite song is "The Freeze". Some of the songs are learning songs like "Hands Together, Hands Apart" and the rest are cool songs to get you moving. This is a CD that can be played at birthday parties or possibly while kids are cleaning up their rooms (I have and it makes cleaning faster). Inside the CD cover, there is a booklet with all the songs and their lyrics. If you get a chance, check out the videos, they are just as fun as the CD. I recommend Rock 'n' Rainbow's Let's Boogie CD for ages 3 to 9.

Reviewed by Kamren W., age 9, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.
Runtime: 60 minutes Juror Recommended Age: 5-10 Suggested Retail Price: $ 15.95 Media: AUDIO

Series: AUDIO CD FOR AGES 12-18
Description - Original fantasy musical/rock opera for tweens, teens, combining colorful characters, compelling story, infectious songs, danceable duets, narration, full musical score. Percy Jackson meets Into The Woods. Enchanted books, witches break into song!.
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - 'Aoede - Do you Believe in Magic?' is a fanciful adventure - down the rabbit hole - of magical musical riveting storytelling and exciting labyrinths of trust and misdeed. The nicely constructed songs propel the story with solid performances and strong arrangements. Do you believe in magic is a rhetorical question but you just might believe after listening.

The music is true to its story and well produced. The story moves along fluidly and the structure and continuity are true to its genre (fantasy). The content is stimulating and attractive. It is in touch with its audience (tweens) and leads and guides them along the way. The performances and production values are terrific.
KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - Do you like stories about magical creatures? Spells? Well, this musical is for you. Lisa Sniderman's Aoede Do You Believe in Magic? CD is a kids musical full of goblins, witches, spells, and the most important, singing. Aoede and her friends are trying to save Wonderhaven from witches. This CD does a good job of mixing a narrator telling the story and many other actors to act it out. While listening to Do You Believe in Magic, you will feel like you are right there watching the musical live. There are three acts for this play. Each act is easy to follow. I do recommend listening to Act 2 carefully. There is a lot of action in this act and it will help bring the story together for Act 3. I do wish it came with some sort of booklet or picture book to look at. This CD gets 4 out of 5 stars. I recommend this magical musical CD for ages 7-12. It may be a little creepy for younger kids to listen to. Go pick a copy of this magical journey up today. Reviewed by Kamren W. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 9.
Runtime: 107 minutes Juror Recommended Age: 8-12 Suggested Retail Price: $ 15 Media: AUDIO

Series: AUDIO CD FOR AGES 5-12
Description - We All Shine, is light, soulful, stylish, and unforgettable new album by Play Date. Across the board, the blend of catchy rock and kindie themes is woven seamlessly, making for an exciting music that inspires the imagination.
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - Play Date's We All Shine CD is awesome! The boy girl duo is really enjoyable and fun to listen to. The songs are catchy and each one offers something to learn. Some of the songs are about healthy foods or being a good friend. I found myself humming several of them throughout the day after listening! Any child that likes music and any adult that wants something they can jam to as well will enjoy this album. The album artwork is really bright and beautiful and there is a great message about the artists and a little about their mission. I found it interesting and unique to see the artists' pictures inside the sleeve as opposed to on the front cover. This collection of infectious melodies and empowering lyrics will get the whole family dancing! The songs have great names like "Ruin Your Appetite", "Ninja Pajamas" and "Hug Hug Hug". I highly recommend this CD!

Reviewed by Eli B., KIDS FIRST! Reviewer.
KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - There are good things and bad things about this CD. First the good things: Some of the lyrics are catchy and the music has a good beat. I think some little kids would like to dance to it - at least a few of the songs. But, that would be little kids ages 4 to 6. I liked a few of the songs the first time I heard them but over all, I really didn't have any favorites. As far as the things I really didn't like - there are three songs about fruits and vegetables which aren't different enough so that was repetitive. I mean - 3 songs on the same CD?! I also don't think the songs would be favorites of most younger kids. I don't know too many kids that would like to listen to songs about this topic. The singers voices are good but the lyrics are very repetitive. I'm referring to songs with lyrics like "No dinner, no lunch, no just want to munch, munch, munch" and it repeats over and over in the song called "Ruin Your Appetite." I wanted to stop listening after hearing the same words over and over so many times. I give this CD 3 out of 5 stars. There is nothing inappropriate for, younger children but it is just really not that fun. I played it for my nephew who is 4 and he liked only two songs out of the 14. He agreed that the fruits and vegetable songs were not any fun. His words were they are yucky but then, keep in mind that he hates vegetables. Over all, the band just repeats too many of their lyrics over and over. It's disappointing.
Runtime: 41 minutes Juror Recommended Age: 4-6 Suggested Retail Price: $ 12 Media: AUDIO


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Description - Flight, adventure and unexplored territory are all part of the concept behind Hot Air, a CD with DVD. Recess Monkey is known for expressing what kids adore most, and in this case, everyday experiences like meeting the new kid in school, wearing hand-me-downs, flying a paper airplane and watching a balloon drift up in the sky, are all related through smart lyrics and layered musicality. Band site:
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - 'Hot Air' rises to the occasion and delivers a potent punch of fun, danceable and delightfully listenable tunes that will lift your spirits and take you on flights of fancy that are frown resistant. Recess Monkey is a tried and true band of experienced and educated musicians who have inhaled the wonderful songwriting and production values of top groups from the late 60's and 70's and have exhaled a new, original and pleasing paradigm of songs that are kid-friendly but more importantly, kid-conscious. Up up and away, the sky is the limit, or is it?

As far as the DVD portion of this goes: The DVD is rolled into the same CD package which is clever and visually stimulating. The colors and sets are vibrant and stimulating and appealing to a child's' artistic sense and sensibility. Hot Air rises to the occasion and is chock full of fanciful characters and situations animating a fun and engaging narrated story of a boy to man, Andrew, who makes a colorful balloon out of hand me down male and female sibling clothing. When he joins an air race contest and helps a penguin in trouble when his magic carpet is hit by lightning, the excitement and thrills build. Vintage newsreel footage of early flight vehicles and pilots of the time, adds credence to the contest. Through perseverance and dogged determination Andrew finishes the race dead last but due to a technicality actuality wins. Terrific songs, creative artwork and humorous storytelling make Hot Air a winning package.
KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - My kids, ages 4 and 6, had a lot of fun listening to this CD. The songs were very upbeat, and they were dancing around to the music. They said there were a lot of words that they didn't understand, but they really liked the songs. Then they heard "Oh Lando." They are Star Wars nuts, and this song was so exciting to them. Even though they couldn't understand everything, they definitely got that it was about Star Wars, and that was, by far, their favorite song. Other favorites were "Lighter Than Air" and "Penguinese." I even heard one of my boys singing the songs later on in the day. The songs are catchy and fun, and my kids loved listening to them. They said, "We loved that there was a song about Star Wars," and "We liked dancing around to the music."
Runtime: 40 minutes Juror Recommended Age: 5-12 Suggested Retail Price: $ 17 Media: AUDIO


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Series: AUDIO CD FOR AGES 5-12
Description - Fifteen beloved folk and classic children's tunes capture the heart of the songs. Authentic instrumentation, thoughtful arrangements, restored lyrics, and Andy Z's friendly vocals complete this rousing CD that will entertain and engage for years.
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - From 'This Land is Your Land' to 'Happy Trails,' Andy Z brings a freshness and excitement to familiar songs that we think we may know but after a few extra verses that were part of the original songs and some well-played musical surprises our ears are buzzing with a renewed acquaintance with old friends. The vocals are engaging and the toe-tapping arrangements will have you dancing with a 'Turkey in the Straw' or breaking out a 'Hokey Pokey' or singing along with 'You Are My Sunshine'. 'Oh Susanna' you've got to listen to this CD and don't you cry for me now, girl!

The songs are performed as close to their original intent with all of the original lyrics and instrumentation approximated. This absolutely keeps the tradition of American folk songs alive and well. It is positive and uplifting and the interpretation of songs that a lot of us have heard for years is fresh and engaging.

The quality is excellent. The music mirror the birth of our nation which was an exciting time for America in terms of exploration and strong families along with adventurous and brave people immigrating from all over the world. These songs offer insight into American history from a musical point of view. The artist starts with the premise "maybe you're familiar with this song, but did you know there are other verses?" Particularly enlightening is "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" with the wraparound lyrics.

The musicianship, choice of traditional instruments and vocal performances are well-done and engaging. The production value (recording) is very professional.

Reviewed by John Wood.
KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - The kids enjoyed listening to this CD. They clapped and moved along. Overall, they seemed to have fun. All around the Kitchen and You are My Sunshine were two of their favorites. The songs are upbeat and energetic and it was nice to see the kids enjoying some of the old classics, some of which they apparently had never heard before. The performance is entertaining and the songs are fun.

One little boy said his favorite was the first one. Another child was excited about the kitchen song. An older boy said he liked the middle songs best. One girl liked the sunshine song best.

"It is good music." "We like all the music." "It is singing."
Runtime: 38 minutes Juror Recommended Age: 5-12 Suggested Retail Price: $ 14.98 Media: AUDIO


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Series: AUDIO CD FOR AGES 5-12
Description - Twelve cheeky, laugh-out-loud funny songs. Combining country and children's pop music with a wacky, seesaw feel, moving from a country stroll where the wit sneaks up on you to a rock 'n' roll sprint where an outrageous lyric slams into you.
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - Put on the headsets and buckle up because 'Calling All the Elephants' is one of the best albums in a long while to make you laugh out loud and snort milk out of your nose! The word-play, songwriting and musicianship are exemplary. Randy Sharp and Dave Kinnoin, two-seasoned performers, flex their musical chops and in the process push the creative boundaries of children's music in a profoundly wondrous way.

These crafty clutch of tunes hatch from basic concepts and happenings into mini-operas of mirth and merriment. Be yourself. Be resourceful. Be different. Be inventive. Be creative. Have FUN! Who could ask for anything more. Love this album!

Lyrics are stellar, brilliant and quite appealing. The music and production are terrific. Plus, there are many wonderful surprises. Very clever!

Everything clicks like an expensive watch. It's rare to discover an album that appeals to older children, doesn't talk down and takes conceptional chances. This is a breath of musical fresh air.

In ways, it is purposely disrespectful of what is considered appropriate in children's music. Therefore, kids will love it!

I love an album that invites frequent listening because you flat-out love it and / or continue to discover new elements and surprises that you missed before. This is one of those albums. Never gets old. Solid vocals and character voices, musicianship rocks and the recording quality is state-of-the-art.

Reviewed by John Wood.
KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - This is fun and original and many of the songs have a really good beat and rhythm to them. I like that this CD has songs with funny lyrics. My favorite songs are Last Word and Puzzle. I like how the lyrics in Last Word throw in words such as "foot" and then there is a pause and "ball" is added or "cow" and then "boy." Puzzle is just catchy and is fun to dance to it. Most of the songs are pretty cool and make you want to dance. Some of the lyrics are repetitive but I still think they are pretty good. There is only one song I really didn't like as much and that is Acting Like A Baby. I think it is just the topic that I don't really enjoy. The song is still catchy. But, how often do you really like every song on a CD? Over all, this is a CD with fun songs, catchy lyrics and I give it a thumbs up. Best for kids ages 5 to 10. Some older children may not like it as much. I would give this one 4 out of 5 stars.
Runtime: 38 minutes Juror Recommended Age: 5-12 Suggested Retail Price: $ 14.98 Media: AUDIO


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Description - Grammy Award-winning musical duo Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer celebrate 21st century families with this new album of songs and stories. The 15 tracks reflect the diversity of families in the US today, and highlight the idea that families are bound by love. Guest stars include Riders in the Sky, the Savoy Family Cajun Band, The Canote Twins and Kim & Reggie Harris. At the request of Nora Guthrie, Cathy Fink set Woody Guthrie's poem "Howdy Little Newlycome" to music, enlisting Irish super group Cherish the Ladies to perform. The title song reflects the fact that the kitchen is the center of many homes.
KIDS FIRST!® Adult Jurors say - Dancin' in the Kitchen by Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer knocked my socks off so I immediately decided to dance barefoot in the kitchen - great decision. This album is a breath of fresh air that climbs the mountain of rarefied musical integrity and promotes acceptance and tolerance on so many levels. First and foremost, I doff my symbolic cap to a duo that I have admired for so many years for their ultimate musicianship and steadfastness to true North. When you wrangle high-class talent, incorporate brilliant songs and deliver unswerving production values the gestation of your endeavor has value for the ages. Could I break down every song for you? Yes. Could you listen to samples somewhere? Yes. Is my review a teaser? Yes. Are samples a teaser? Yes. Get on up, people! You will not be disappointed or dismayed, this album is special and grabs you from the first downbeat to the last fade-away. XOXO.

This is an exciting and vibrant CD from the first downbeat to the final fade. There is a lot of wonderful music and supporting messages regarding the diversity of families and their makeup.

Cathy and Marcy know how to producer, perform, pace and structure an album. This CD has many guest groups and a wide range of songs that flow seamlessly.

Though topics of divorce, adoption and same gender parents are presented through song, it is never heavy-handed but presented with love and joy. Better learn how to get your dance on! Sit back and enjoy funny word play and stories and a wonderful array of musical sounds. These 15 performances are absolutely top rate. Vocals are spot on and engaging and the musicianship is stellar. The production value is impeccable. Review by John Wood.
KIDS FIRST!® Kid Jurors say - This CD by Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer is sweet and loving. The title song Dancin' in the Kitchen is very upbeat in a zydeco style. My two birds loved this song. They moved their heads to the beat. It was so funny! My favorite song is Everything Possible. It's very calming and has a sweet message that you can be anything. The two songs Dinnertime Orchestra and Who's in Charge of Naming the Colors are both stories. In I'm my own Grampa, I enjoyed the tune but found the words very strange. Also From Scratch is a sweet lullaby. Most of the songs have amazing lessons to learn about accepting our differences, such as if your family is different or your skin color is different than your friends. I belong to a Family is also very sweet. I recommend this for kids age 2 to 8. I can see a lot younger kids dancing to it. I give this CD four out of five stars because it is fun and a good CD for little kids.

Reviewed by Mia Anderson, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 11

This CD is a good form of entertainment to bring children of this age together. The kids in our group had a good time listening and dancing to the music. Though they are young and distracted, the music brought them right back to dance together. The stories told in the music are simple and their responses to all ones of enjoyment, smiles abound. The children loved the music and had a good time. The music is about families and togetherness and they could relate to that.

The dinnertime orchestra was particularly fun and kids responded to it enthusiastically. They listened intently and danced along. They were too young to sit and listen to the entire thing all at once but wandered off and returned frequently. The pace of the music is perfect, fast enough to be engaging but not frenetic.
Runtime: 35 minutes Juror Recommended Age: 2-12 Suggested Retail Price: $ 14.95 Media: AUDIO


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