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126 minutes
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Do you enjoy rooting for the likable underdog as much as I do? Well then, this classic film is for you. This classic film from 1984, follows a young teen, Daniel (Ralph Macchio) whose life is already in turmoil due to a life changing move cross country. Now in California, Daniel tries to fit in, but has difficulties doing so and he has to talk his way out of a few fights. His luck finally runs dry and one night he is chased home and as he is being beaten up, someone comes to his defense and saves him. He wakes up later that night to find out his savior is none other than his apartment buildings' aging gardener, Miyagi (Pat Morita) but how could this little old man have taken on all the bullies? And can this man help Daniel turn things around and defend himself and his honor? Watch as these two become student and teacher not only build a lasting friendship, but help each other get through some trying times in their lives. My favorite character is Miyagi, because you don't expect this little, old man to be able to not old defend himself, but beat up a lot of bullies along the way. Plus, he is so funny in how he trains Daniel and just his overall personality. My favorite scenes are the training scenes, where Miyagi uses basic household chores to train Daniel, which confuses him. These are funny scenes, but at the same time, it is great how they will eventually tie in the training concepts with Daniel. This is a great example of someone who needs to prove to themselves and others that they have a great deal of inner strength. The storyline of this movie is phenomenal and there is a great amount of action in it as well. The cast does a great job and really give great performances that make them seem so believable. This is a fantastic family film and even though it's almost 30 years old, the story still holds strong today. I give this film 5 out of 5 stars as it is a movie the entire family will truly enjoy and can watch together. I recommend this film for the entire family. Look for this film as well as other classic films on HDNet Movies Kids Scene this month. Julianna Noone, age 12, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

This movie is full of action and drama. Daniel Larusso (Ralph Macchio) moves to Los Angeles with his mom. He moves around a lot so it's hard for him to make friends. A kid in his apartment invited him to a beach party. At this party, he meets a girl name Ali (Elisabeth Shue) and they like each other. She used to date a senior name Johnny Lawrence (William Zabaka) who is also a bully. He and his friends are black belts at the local Karate school. They bully Daniel at school and at any place that they see him. One day, they beat up Daniel badly and Mr. Miyagi has to stop them. Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) is a Japanese janitor that works in the apartment complex that Daniel moved into. After the rescue, Mr. Miyagi and Daniel became friends. He teaches Daniel karate and many other things in life. The movie quality is ok, I'm so used to the HD movies, and it's kind of hard to watch a movie that was made in the 1980's quality. The beginning of the movie is kind of grainy, but toward the end it clears up. The beginning of the movie is slow but toward the middle of the movie, the actions begins. The ending is amazing to watch and see how the characters develop. The acting in this movie is fantastic. Mr. Miyagi did a great job with his accent and his movement as a Karate Master. Daniel, who portrays an awkward kid, really owns this role. My favorite character is Mr. Miyagi. He uses his words to defend himself and put his enemy on the defensive. He's also a very funny character. He is against violence and defends the underdog. The lesson in this movie is friendships can be at any age. Mr. Miyagi and Daniel are really connected and understand each other. The only part that I do not like is the bullying. I rank this movie 4 out of 5 stars. This movie age range is 5 - 17. Look for this classic family film on HDNet Movies KidScene this month! Cheyenne Nguyen, age 9, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

Originally released in 1984. Screening throughout November 2013 on HDNet Movies kidScene.
A New Jersey teen is having trouble fitting in to his new California home until he meets an old karate master who teaches him about martial arts and life. Director: John Avildsen; Starring Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita and Elisabeth Shue
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