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What to know: Fun, filled with whimsy and lots of sing-alongs and dance-alongs.
Recommended age 2-6
30 minutes
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This is filled with catchy tunes, fun to dance to songs and the Fred Pinsocket Alien Space Dude is kind of cool. It is for younger kids, ages 2 to seven. I don't think older kids would think it was very cool. Younger kids would like most of the catchy songs such as "I Love Bananas." Younger kids would enjoy the songs and dance and sing along. I would like this if I was younger. It even is kind of funny. Songs such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star are skewed to little kids. I can see my 3-year-old cousin dancing and laughing to some of the songs. Stylistically, all the songs fit together but they are different enough that they don't sound too much alike. There is a good selection of songs and the spaceman character is particularly cool. It is very upbeat.
The title song "I've Got a Dinosaur On My Head" gives a big hint that this album is not going to chart new musical waters but it sure is fun, filled with whimsy and lots of sing-alongs and dance-alongs. The vocals are upbeat and engaging and the production values are unobtrusive and supportive. If you don't laugh during "The Laughing Song," I'm sorry, you have issues. Everybody loves "Train Whistles" and "Locomotives" so get on board and put a dinosaur on your head! This CD knows its audience and is fun, silly and filled with participation activities. It flows well, is simply structured but effective. There is vocal energy to the songs that will engage the listeners. Reviewed by John Wood.
This CD features singable original songs like "Sometimes I Have Oatmeal for Breakfast" and "I Love Bananas." Movement and counting songs and educational lessons are sprinkled throughout along with colorful illustrations, liner notes and lyrics are included with the CD.
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