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What to know: Off the charts! Brilliant songs that educate and entertain seamlessly.
Recommended age 4-12
16 minutes
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This CD is made by singer/songwriter Marlow Lewis. I was jamming and I was singing through the entire music starting from the beginning. The songs are cute, quirky and all up beat. It is wonderful and I loved it. My favorite song was "Feet." "Feet" is adorable and I found myself still singing the catchy tune the next day. Everything has feet - from ducks to snakes. This song gives you the dancing shakes. Just around the corner is St. Patrick's Day. The song "Everybody's Irish:" is a must for St. Patty's Day. It's great when they make songs for kids for holidays. You will certainly be in the mood to wear green after listening to this one. "Cocoa" teaches you about hot chocolate. Be careful or you will end up craving a hot chocolate with marshmallows. "Kalico Kat's Jug Band" and "Jammiin" will also make you want to get up and dance. So, if you are in a bad mood and need a lift or if you are just in the mood to dance and sing, this is the CD for you. All the songs are kid friends with kids friends words too. It is really fun and enjoyable for the whole family. I recommend it for ages two to five. I have listened to this over and over and find the lyrics so adorable that I have to give it five out of five twinkling stars. Reviewed by Morgan Bertsch, KIDS FIRST! Critics, age 9
This 6-song extended play CD (EP) is pure magic and available for download. Marla Lewis's vocals and songwriting abilities are off the charts. These are brilliant songs that educate and entertain seamlessly. The tracks are divinely produced, the musicianship is top of the line, and the message transcends cultural divides. Marla's voice is pure honey that would confuse a bee. Her songwriting is a master's class and the songs deliver like a guided musical missile. We can't say enough so, enuff said! Buy this CD and do your bit to help the debt crisis! Reviewed by John Wood.
Six tunes of diverse styles: Back to School, Cocoa!, Feet, Feet!, Jammin', Kalico Kat's Jug Band and Everybody's Irish on St. Patrick's Day.
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