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Recommended age 8-12
78 minutes
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This is a positive CD with catchy songs and lyrics that kids can relate to. My favorite song was "Place of Character" because it mentions landmarks and is catchy enough to dance to. I recommended this to some other kids but not all my friends because some songs are too slow. Overall, there are no bad words and the songs are good. I liked that the CD came with a lyric book so I could read the lyrics as the song played.
First of all, "The Best Of Me" rocks!" Second, if you enjoy great music, musicians, songwriting and performances wrapped in lovely messages of positive character choices and love, then you've come to the right place. Sit down and listen a spell or insert it into the car CD player and listen a bit. Parents will enjoy and appreciate the content as well as the kids which will hopefully lead to family discourse on the topics. Good Stuff! I think this album is a banner for motivational action. I can see this CD incorporated into lesson plans for older children where there is a dire need for materials on character. This is a socially interactive, educational album that hits its target audience. The music is top rate. There is a menu and fresh caught lobster is on it (gr). It comes with a booklet. The album is true, first of all to itself, and second to its intended audience. This is a respectful address to the age group for which it is intended. I love a CD where sometimes you need to reach for language. The quality is excellent; the production value draws the listener into a safe place to receive the message. Reviewed by John Wood.
Celebrating the best in all of us! Kickin' pop tunes spotlight helping children make good character choices even when faced with difficult situations. Musicians, vocals and songs are all first-rate and reach out rather than lecture.
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