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What to know: Historical action adventure movie with a mystical flair.
Recommended age 11-18
91 minutes
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This film is in Swedish with English sub-titles. The plot is about a boy's journey from home and how he becomes a hero by exposing bad forces at work against the throne of his King father. The plot is simple, the events are not very suspenseful or exciting and the emotions expressed by the actors are not that impressive. The feeling after watching this is I wasn't too moved or too entertained. It is what I would call a movie you might watch if you had nothing else to do. I really wanted to be excited for the main character but didn't find him that interesting. The bad guys aren't all that scary and the situations they deal with are not very complex or intriguing. Sometimes the sub-titles are difficult to read.

I think younger kids might find this more engaging. You should be aware there are some curse words but they are spoken in Swedish. Still, they are written in English. They seem pretty unnecessary in the film.

The sound effects are a bit cheesy. I liked the scenery, probably because I saw parts of Sweden and found that interesting. I enjoyed hearing the Swedish words. It was enjoyable being introduced to a new language and accent. Some words seemed familiar such as "nigh" for "no." My favorite part is when the main character is reunited with his father.

Because I am a boy, I like the idea of the father being proud of his son and seeing him recognized as being his father's hero. I would rate this 2 our of 5 stars and recommend it for kids ages 8 to 10.

Reviewed by Tyler M, age 14.

This is a beautifully filmed action/adventure movie probably most appealing to young boys. The young heroes get in and out of many dangerous situations and are quite often clever in the way they solve problems. You should be aware that it is subtitled which may be a deterrent for some. And, there is also profanity and some violence. It has a strong, historical storyline that is entertaining as well as educational. The story appears to depict the medieval times in which it takes place. Children who enjoy books of the genre of Robin Hood or King Arthur would find this appealing. It is the story of a young Danish prince who is sent off to live at the castle of an evil bishop while his father, the king, is off fighting wars. From the outset, the boy is locked in a room to do nothing but study what he is told. Of course, he escapes and thus begins his many adventurers to outwit the bishop and his men who are plotting against the king. Her survives many dangerous situations with the help of a young servant boy and they ultimately triumph and get back together with the King. There is also a back story of an eagle who appears at various points in the film and adds to the magical tone.
In medieval Denmark, Young Prince Valdemar longs to fight alongside his Father, but instead, the king sends him to safety in a remote monastery under the care of Bishop Eskil. Once there, Valdemar befriends the kitchen boy, Aske, and together they discover that the Bishop Eskil is secretly leading a rebellion against the king. In order to save the king, the two friends must escape the evil bishop and his mercenary, One Eye, who can see through the eyes of his pet eagle. In Danish with English subtitles.
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