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What to know: Entertaining family film about a young girl who travels backwards in time and helps her grandmother rescue the family home.
Recommended age 10-18
84 minutes
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Stella And Star of the Orient, is a wonderful film. What makes it wonderful, and what I really like about it, is the time frit takes place in. This movie mostly takes place in the early 1900s; the early 1900s is my favorite time periods. When you watch this movie, you'll feel like you're in the early 1900s because the way the scenes look and how to actors are dressed.

The movie is about a girl name Stella, who finds a time machine at her grandmother's house. She accidentally travels back in time one hundred years and meets her great grandmother as a little girl. Her great grandmother's family is about to lose their house, and it's up to Stella and her new friends to save the house.

The main characters in this movie are Stella (Kaura Berschuck), Clementine (Hanna Schwamborn) and Gustav (Julius R�mer). Some of the side characters are Kleinheinz (Axel Prahl) and Dr. Lodeus (Hans Martin Stier). The way the actors portray the characters is exactly how I imagine these character to behave.

This is actually a foreign film from Germany. I have never seen a German film before and after seeing this film, I want to research German film-making more.

My favorite part of this movie would be when Clementine's dad tells her that girls clean the house, take care of the kids and don't study. But Stella tells him girls can study too.

Something that stuck out to me, after I finished the movie is the set design and the costumes. That's because (if you couldn't tell) I love this time period.

The message in the film is to take risk and have an adventure.

I recommend this film to kids ages 13 to 18 because there is some profanity, some drinking and smoking. I give this movie 3 out of 5 stars. Reviewed by Tiffany Richard, age 17

This is a very entertaining film about a young girl who travels back 100 years and meets her own grandmother as a young. She helps her find a treasure to save the family house. It shows how important it is to not give up, to believe in yourself and to conquer your fears. It also shows that this can all be accomplished with the help of friends and teamwork.

This is a wonderful adventure and a good family film. The only unappealing this is the subtitles which go by pretty fast. The story has a treasure hunt quality to it that is very entertaining. It flows quite well and ends with a happy conclusion. The vocabulary is a bit different because it is in German. There was one phrase, that might be offensive to some. It does portray positive social models - true friendship and teamwork. The costumes and sets are appropriate to the time period. Aside from its entertainment values, it also addresses the concepts of facing your fears, not giving up and true friendship.

While rummaging in her grandmother's attic on New Year's eve, ten year old Stella steps into an antique wardrobe to find she has traveled 100 years back in time. She meets Clementine, her own great grandmother, and her younger brother, Gus. The three bond immediately, and Stella learns that their family is in serious financial difficulty and could lose their home. Family rumor of a hidden treasure lead the children on a perilous quest in search of the Star of the Orient, the perfect solution to their family's challenges. In German with English subtitles.
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