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What to know: Cute, appealing story about musical notes.
Recommended age 0-5
200 minutes
Web Series
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Cute story about a note who seeks friendship and battles to overcome loneliness. The show begins with the blue note by himself and at the end of the series ends with him by himself. However, during the duration he slowly builds up a friendship base and, by the end, rem over missing them. He realizes he can conjure them up at any time and he's never really alone. This has great music and fun characters that kids can readily identify with. The colors are bright and the environment is simple. The plot may be a bit complex for its target audience of toddlers. This lacks engagement to keep a child busy and involved. However, each episode is only two minutes long. Some episodes lack conclusion. For example, in one episode two characters see two other characters and call out their names to see if they can make friends. The other two are preoccupied in their play and never actually stop to greet the other characters. The production value of this show is perfect for its audience. There are no negative behaviors to speak of. The soundtrack is catchy and well done. The main theme song is appealing even after multiple viewings.
This animation series has characters for the musical notes with different personalities so that children can enjoy discovering the musical world. La is a shy little blue boy. He is always singing alone on the line. One day, he meets a little girl, Mi, crying and discovers friendship. He finds out that singing together with friends becomes a melody.
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