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What to know: Quirky holiday show that demonstrates how to make Christmas crafts.
Recommended age 5-12
11 minutes
Web Series
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This is a colorful holiday shows that shows you how to make Christmas crafts. It has a quirky puppet that wants in on the action.

There are cute and easy crafts to make. Two things that I would have liked added were a close up shot after the crafts were complete and a list of all the items you needed to make them.

The bright colors and puppet make it suitable for a young audience but they will need help if they want to make the crafts. The older children will enjoy making the crafts and all of them will enjoy eating them. I would say the age range is 4 to 10.

You will find out about a new Christmas present called the Christmas potato. I give it 4 � twinkling stars. Reviewed by Morgan Bertsch, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 9.

This DVD teaches crafting with sugary sweet food and has an adorable puppet as Elena's co-star. In some ways, it makes sugary sweet food even more sweet. If you are concerned about your child's sugar intake, this is not for you. It's cute. Elena is cute and the green sock puppet, Razzle is adorable. The interaction between Elena and Razzle tends to be a bit confrontational though. Elena's presentation skills need a bit of work. For example, she shows everything needed to make the snowman but when it comes time to make it, she already has the colored icing made and doesn't show how it was done. An adult can figure that out but a child, the audience for this, might not get it. We could do without the laugh track as well. To benefit from the instructions here, we recommend parental involvement. It's a good start for Elena who is a young and promising talent.
Elena and Razzle make treats for the holidays! In this episode they make a Snowman Cookie, and a Reindeer Candy Cane ornament. They exchange gifts and Razzle anxiously awaits a visit from Secret Santa Sock.
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