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What to know: A surprisingly original story with lots of action and many elements to admire.
Recommended age 10-15
74 minutes
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I was pleasantly surprised by this original and great story. Son of Batman is a great, action-packed animation many people will enjoy.

This film has a lot of elements to admire - thrilling Batman-class fighting that kept me excited and at the edge of my seat. There is also some romance between Batman and his 'special person' which is short, but nice and I thought it fit well.

The story starts when a training camp is destroyed. A young boy escapes with his mom and flees to Batman who, as it turns out, is the boy's father. For his safety, Batman takes the child and, as Batman, tries to protect and train him. Batman teaches his kid to take criminals alive but, a new mystery arises - one that will have a significant impact on the story line. We join Batman, Robin, and Batman's son as they face off deadly people while Batman makes sure his kid doesn't hurt himself. It's a fun and action adventure that all Batman fans will appreciate!

Overall, I think this movie had some ups and downs. The animation is rather interesting but, I thought it was a bit too much at times. It is gory at times, yet plastic and 2D like most superhero animations. I believe that the animators could have cut down a bit on the violence and mature content. Also, the animation of the faces looks a bit fake to me. The directing is interesting. I thought that the angles were good and fit the storyline quite well. The voice-overs are excellent. For example, Jason O Marra who is the voice of Batman, doesn't show much emotion and talks in a quiet and dark whisper - perfect for the character. The plot is original and surprising, which I am fond of. For the most part, Son of Batman turns out to be a very unexpected and surprising adventure.

My favorite scene is the first scene when the academy is destroyed. Even though this is a sad moment, it sets the tone for the entire movie. I love scenes that may not seem important but have a big impact on the rest of the film.

This movie has lots of adult lines and a lot of gory scenes, so I recommend for ages 11 to18. I also give it 4 out of 5 stars because of some hiccups with the animation. This film comes out on DVD on May 6 so look for it in your favorite retail store.

Reviewed by Gerry Orz, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 11.

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Ra's al Ghul is dead, slain by former League of Assassin Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke. His victory is not without a cost, the price his right eye; taken by Ra's own grandson Damien. Fearing for her sons' safety Talia al Ghul decides now is the time for the boy to meet his father. Half a world away a trail of chemical plant heists finds the Batman catching the culprit in the very act. The thief is Killer Croc, but Croc has changed mutated by some unseen hand. With the shocking appearance of the lovely but deadly Talia, Croc is quickly taken down. Back at Gotham harbor Talia gives the Detective the news of Ra's fate along with the surprise of introducing him to Damien, their son. Talia sets out to handle Slade while Damien falls under the guardianship of Batman. The young man possess great fighting prowess but his cocky self confidence creates friction back at Wayne Manor. Batman's investigation into Croc's actions leads him to the home of Dr. Kirk Langstrom, creator of the Man-bat ...Starring Jason O'Mara, Stuart Allan, Thomas Gibson.
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