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What to know: Loaded with fun and catchy songs from a seasoned, much-traveled performer who knows his audience.
Recommended age 5-8
40 minutes
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This CD has a lot of fun and catchy songs. The lyrics don't always make sense and are sometimes just silly but they will make kids want to laugh out loud and dance around the room. The instrumental part is a very strong part of the CD. It is what will make you want to get up and dance around. Even when the words are a bit too silly the instrumental section holds your attention. Although, young kids may not learn a lot from listening to the CD, they will enjoy the music and sometimes that is just as important as learning something new. I did learn something from the song "Bully Girl and Bully Boy." The music styles are pretty similar throughout the CD. There is some rhyming and the songs touch on topics such as the tooth fairy and the playground, things kids can relate to. I recommend this for kids ages 4 to 8.
Dan Crow's "As the Crow Flies" boasts the talents of a seasoned, much-traveled performer who knows his audience. The album is packed with outright fun and danceable hits that will have its audience on their feet and moving right along. Some of the highlights, supported by a band of all-stars, are the surf-inspired "Stevie's Got a Maui Owie," the multitude of fun available on the "Playground" and the timeless log of a little dog in "Greyfriar's Bobby" complete with authentic Scottish instrumentation. A fun, inspired album the whole family will enjoy. There are lots of opportunities for participation, out and out fun, and movement. The children's chorus is particularly appealing. The artist recalls growing up in his first house, the love of eating mac n'cheese, the fun of traveling, anti-bullying and something we can all remember - waiting for the Tooth Fairy. The recording quality is terrific and the guest musicians and youth singers are all top notch. We love this one! `
Family recording artist Dan Crow offers a brand new collection of original songs that celebrate his fun with travels around the world.
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