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What to know: Dancers and their relationships are put to the test in this Canadian produced TV series.
Recommended age 12-18
30 minutes
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The Next Step is a great drama TV show. What I like about the show is watching actors dance.

The show is about is the dancers of A-Troupe preparing for the regional dance competition. While they prepare, relationships and loyalties are put to the test. My favorite part of Episode 1, which I watched, is watching the dancers audition to be on A-Troupe.

The main characters in the show are Michelle (Victoria Baldesarra), Eldon (Issac Lupien), James (Trevor Tordjman), Kate (Bree Wasylenko), Riley (Brittany Raymond), Giselle (Jordan Clark), West (Lamar Johnson), Chloe (Jennifer Pappas), Emily (Alexandra Beaton), Stephanie (Samantha Grecchi), Daniel (Brennan Clost) and Chris (Shamier Anderson). The acting is okay but the dancing is fab.

After watching the show, something that stuck in my head is wanting to find out what happens next in the next episode. This show does a good job of leaving cliff hangers.

I recommended this show to kids age 6 to 18. Younger kids will enjoy watching the dancers dance and older kids will be hooked on the drama as well as the dancing. I would give this show 4 out of 5 stars. Reviewed by Tiffany Richard.

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Follow the lives of a group of elite dancers at The Next Step Dance Studio as they train hard, rehearse and hang out. With the regional championships coming up, the A-Troupe needs to come together if they want to win and qualify for the national title. The Next Step is a Canadian teen drama series shot in a reality television style. The show was created by Frank van Keeken.
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