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What to know: Stop the presses! Late breaking news: The Popups have done it again! Their latest album 'Appetite For Construction' is a fanciful, danceable explosion of ideas and get-down rhymes and rhythms.
Recommended age 2-5
40 minutes
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The kids absolutely loved this CD, especially the upbeat music that made them dance. They liked the vocalist, the instruments and the fun music. The kids that reviewed the CD were ages 2-7. The slower songs were not enjoyed as much as the faster paced ones but overall they really enjoyed this. One 2-year-old came running in from another room dancing along to it. Their favorite song is "Getting the Job Done" and they repeatedly said, "give it a 5" (rating).
Stop the presses! Late breaking news: The Pop Ups have done it again! Their latest album 'Appetite For Construction' is a fanciful, danceable explosion of ideas and get-down rhymes and rhythms. The group is in touch with its musical lineage and producer/arranger Jason Rabinowitz does a masterful job of paying/playing homage to a myriad of pop culture voicing and styles. The group has a special spark and presents a moving target of attention grabbing hip nouveau vaudeville. Oh, and by the way, I liked the album. This is a finely constructed and produced album from the first downbeat. Nothing unappealing unlike a banana. Each song segues into the next seamlessly with a myriad of pop culture styles. Their liner notes hit it on the head, "This album is dedicated to the simple joy of making things with family & friends!" The group knows how to integrate terrific music with creative voice work that they perform live with the puppet portion of their shows. They always present a moving target of attention-grabbing modern vaudeville. Top rate sound quality has layers of harmonies, excellent musicianship and masterful recording technique. Reviewed by John Wood.
These songs provide an active participation point for whole-family engagement, celebrating imaginative play, building, dance, puppet making and more. "We wanted to make something that wasn't only about listening, but could actually be recreated and re-imagined at home," explains Stein. "The Pop Ups are all about making things," adds Rabinowitz. "We want our fans to be able to engage in that experience for themselves and really take part in the record, and to experience The Pop Ups world."
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