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What to know: An entertaining and educational DVD that will delight young children as they find the mischievous mouse Fritzi and learn new words in French.
Recommended age 2-8
40 minutes
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This DVD is a fun way to learn beginning French. It has upbeat music, fun characters like Fritzi the Mouse and colorful animation. It is a great way for kids ages 2 to 7 to learn how to speak simple French words and I think that they will want to watch it over and over. It's also fun to try to find Fritzi throughout the DVD but over all, the best part is that it is fun! It has fun, colorful images and backgrounds and the live animation is good too. The music is upbeat and I think that kids would like to dance and jump around when they watch it. My nephew also watched it and he's 3. He really liked it and was repeating the French words.
This is a fun way for young children to learn French. It makes learning the language of French easier and has fun characters. I did not find anything unappealing. Young children will like finding the mischievous mouse Fritzi and enjoy the upbeat songs. There are fun characters and is engaging. It flows flow well and has an engaging format that young children will be delighted with. It is watchable, educational and fun. This DVD will make learning French easier for young children as they explore inside and out of the adorable Mouse's (Fritzi) house learning different words in French such as le salon (the living room). It is fun to watch and also includes an easy-to-use translation guide. Liveliness, fun and wanting to learn are a few behaviors shown through out. Characters are treated with respect and there really isn't any negativity displayed in this DVD. "What new words did you learn in French?" What is la cuisine? (the kitchen) and so on. "What was your favorite part and why?" It is fun to watch with colorful animation, upbeat music and fun characters. It does have visual and sound appeal and will delight and entertain young children while they also learn new words in French. It includes and easy-to-use translation guide for parents and teachers as well as French subtitles. It is entertaining and will entertain young children but it will also teach new words in French so it is also very educational and is a great, fun way to learn French. Young children may want to learn more French or another language in the series. Most likely they will also want to watch this one again.
Finding the mischievous mouse, Fritzi, is part of the fun in this lively French language learning video. An engaging interactive format teaches parts of the house, foods, activities and more. Colorful backgrounds, lively music, charming animation, and live action are your passport to fun.
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