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The Ice Dancer is quite interesting and will appeal to children ages 8-14. As an adult, even I enjoyed reading it and could see commercial potential. I could imagine the beautiful snow-filled scenery and the characters bringing this story to life. It is based on the Hans Christian Andersen classic and does have a slight familiar ring to it but there is quite a modern-day twist with a lesson to be learned. Good wins over bad in this delightful story of friendship and teenage romance and it is engaging from beginning to the end.

The characters' dialogue is a strength of this script. The characters are very strong. It is easy to find Andrew and Sarah quite likable. Even though Maximillian is not very likable, the author does a great job at making the reader go from not liking him to liking him. The story structure is also another strength. It is easy to follow along with the story line and the scenes and characters are described quite well.

I do think this script has commercial potential. I think there could be beautiful scenes with the snow and ice and the characters could have real appeal. It's an interesting story line and I like that it isn't too predictable. It's like a classic fairy tale story with a modern day magical twist.

I would rate this 8 because I am not completely sure of the time frame. I am assuming it is pretty modern time but it would be helpful what the time frame is. What year does the story take place? I think children today could understand the story and I felt the magic wizard twist really gives it a more modern day feel. I feel children today would be more interested in this story than the classic fairy tale it is based on.

The story line is an absolute strength to the script and the conflict and resolution is appropriate. It's typically good and bad evil and magic and typically good wins over evil. But, this isn't so predictable and I think that the twist is very clever on the writer's part.

The characters are one of my favorite things about the script. The teenagers are easy to relate to and you can actually picture them in your mind. I think the writer describes them quite well and I like how he actually makes me feel sorry for the evil Maxmillian who really is more misunderstood than evil and turns good at the end. The dialogue seems very natural and fits right into the story line.

The lesson or moral simply is that good wins over bad and is portrayed very well in the script. I like that bad actually turns good in Maxmillian's case. A child will get this because the lesson shines through in the script. Other than that, it is very entertaining and kept my interest from beginning to ending.

I would likes to know the year this takes place but I am not quite sure if it is necessary. I do not think that I would make any changes because it is entertaining and teaches a moral lesson. I would have liked to know who the woman was that Maxmillian ends up with at the end. She is just brought up at the end but, then again, it is the end and I'm not sure if that is necessary. I feel that the writer does a superb job in writing this story.

The Ice Dancer is an adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen classic with a twist. Set in rural New England, this tale weaves a web of romance adventure and fantasy featuring Max, a troll-like character, who becomes good. All his friends try to rescue him and keep him bad. The beauty and grace of figure skating sets the theme for this timeless piece.
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