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What to know: Beautiful cinematography, comparing the moon and the ocean.
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Recommended age 5-18
5 minutes
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Beautiful cinematography, comparing the moon and the ocean. Brilliant.
The impact of the two principal moon phases, the new and full moons, on our ocean's inhabitants is very noticeable for those of us that care to observe. Many scholars and scientists have devoted their life's work to the study of the moon and its impact on marine creature behavior. The increased activity in marine life around these two lunar phases is fascinating to encounter and could be due to many factors such as higher than average tide changes causing stronger currents which would make this an ideal time to release eggs, or better than normal night lighting giving predators an added advantage when hunting, or perhaps the brighter than normal moon provides a time cue for synchronized events such as spawning. This film shows just a few captured moments of this amazing behavior as the marine creatures react to the rhythm of the moon.
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