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What to know: Meant to increase awareness of sexual abuse in young children, ages w to six.
Recommended age 2-5
33 minutes
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This is a very important video and can be very useful for increasing awareness of sexual abuse among very young children. The children themselves enjoyed the cartoon and music. It may be useful to create a girl version and a boy version. At the ages of 2-6, some parents did not want anatomical terms used. In that case, the majority of the video could not be viewed by the children. Those parents did not let their child watch the video starting from 5:19 when the terms "penis" and "vagina" are used. Those children had not heard these terms before. For parents who are comfortable with anatomical terms being used, this works well. Hence our qualitied yes ranking.
This DVD is meant to increase awareness of sexual abuse for young children ages 2 to 6. Kids are taught about the five B's - body parts, boundaries, bravery, bust secrets and be bold and believe. This DVD discusses in a child friendly manner a very sensitive topic.
Bailey Bee and Jennifer will take you on an amazing journey inside a hive. Once they get inside the hive, Bailey will introduce Jennifer to an important book. The book jumps right into the animated characters of them learning the five B's. The children and Jennifer learn about: Body Parts, Boundaries, how to Be Brave: Yell and Tell, how to Bust Secrets, and to Be Bold and Believe. Throughout the DVD, there are opportunities for the children and Jennifer to earn stickers on their chart. Once the stickers are earned, then they receive Bailey's badge. Also, there is high repetition and wonderful music to engage this age group. For purchase, go to
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