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What to know: Well-produced, well-performed and is well aware of its intended audience of sleepy little ones.
Recommended age 2-5
40 minutes
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The music is very soothing and can be used for bedtime. It worked well as background music for them, not demanding their full attention.
"Shine" is well-produced, well-performed and is well aware of its intended audience of sleepy little ones. Thirteen songs are represented from some of the world's beloved songwriters and one lovely original soon to be a classic. Suzanne Jamieson Selmo's vocals are clear and soothing and are supported by terrific arrangements. There is a consistent flow to the album despite divergent songs from a myriad of sources and intent- kudos to the production team! The subtitle to the album is 'Lullabies for Everyone' and that is true because I fell asleep three times while listening... and that's a good thing!

The album flows well helped by good arrangement and smooth and soothing vocals. It is perfect for sleepy time and parents will enjoy it as well. Should stand up to many repeats.

The album was obviously designed for young audiences; the content follows suit even though it comes from 14 different writers. The behaviors of love and caring shine through the songs and the presentation. Some of the language may be beyond little ones but that allows adults to appreciate the songs as well.

The vocals are consistently solid as well as the arrangements and players. The recording quality is top-notch. I think this is a favorite album that a child can grow with and learn to appreciate all the fine songwriters represented herein. They may want to know about other songs by them. Reviewed by KIDS FIRST! Music Juror John Wood.

From Disney to the Beatles, Standards to Billy Joel, this album of cool, acoustic arrangements will successfully soothe little ones to sleep while adult listeners relax to the satisfying, fresh take on 'kids' music.
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