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What to know: Refreshign and fun way to learn Spanish words and phrases while dancing along.
Recommended age 5-10
40 minutes
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This CD is good for kids that already know a little Spanish. The fast pace of the songs makes them fun and easy to learn a few new words, especially when refer to the booklet. Without the booklet, the songs are still fun but you don't necessarily learn any new words. The upbeat songs are fun to dance along with and are very happy sounding. A favorite of the kids was Old MacDonald.
�Sabor! - Spanish Learning Songs is a refreshing and fun way to learn Spanish words and phrases and dance and sing at the same time! You're a newbie? Do not fear, the helpful liner notes offer English translations to the all-Spanish set of traditional and original rousing tunes. Singer-songwriter Jorge Anaya and keyboardist Didier Prossaird keep this fast-paced party moving along with a splendid variety of rhythms and styles - cumbia, salsa and merengue to name a few - will have you dancing in the streets and shouting, �Sabor! Wonderfully produced, very authentic. The style is right on the money, the structure true to the source and the continuity from song to song is well done. The quality of the source material and the professionalism of the performers shines through and is perfect for young audiences. It gives you the idea that learning Spanish can be and should be fun, not work. It invites audience participation. I see this as a joyous musical exclamation of a fun introduction to our Spanish-speaking neighbors. Reviewed by John Wood, KIDS FIRST! Music Critic.
This lively CD is a fabulous fusion of world music styles -- including cumbia, calypso, salsa, and merengue -- that teach kids Spanish. Get ready to be immersed in irresistible rhythms and pulse-pounding beats, and get ready to shout, "�Sabor!
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