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What to know: A visual leadership guide to accompany the New Games developed by Dale Le Fevre since 1975.
Recommended age 12-18
52 minutes
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This VD provides visual instruction on how to lead a group of people to enjoy one another's company and to have fun. It is quite enjoyable seeing a large group of both old and young people play games together, something that is not seen quite often.

This DVD is divided into categories called "Leadership Section" and "Games Menu." The games menu shows various group games that people can play in different size groups. There are more intense activity games, some requiring a lot of people, some needing only a few. It is just like being out there watching the games as they take place right in front of you.

One of the most exciting looking games is called Knights, Mounts, Cavaliers. It seemed to bring generate lots of laughter and high energy in the players. All the players seemed to be genuinely engrossed in the games, whether they were 7-years-old or 50! The leader of the games is also very inviting and his friendly nature makes the DVD very pleasant to watch.

The leadership section of the DVD, in particular, made me think about some skills and tools that I can use to be a better team leader in my community, school and wherever I go. This section focuses on characteristics that a person needs to be a kind, caring and effective leader.

The setting of this film is outdoors in a nice green grassy area where it would be very realistic to picture oneself playing these games. It gives a very casual, fun vibe. This film by Dale N Le Fevre definitely meets the KIDS FIRST! criteria due to its very inviting tone. It would be perfect for people of all ages to watch, to learn some exciting games to play, and to learn how to be a better leader for others to follow and receives a four out of five star rating. Reviewed by Carissa Payongayong, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 16.

Cooperative New Games Leadership is for both adults and children. Although, the leadership section is slightly more adult friendly. The games are shown visually and makes learning how to play them easy. It's not only a way to become more active but a way to learn leadership skills, and other important social skills. It has educational, social and entertainment value and would be great for ages six to adult. It is positive and motivating and may encourage children to get out and play outside more while learning valuable lessons such as following directions and cooperating with others.

It gives complete directions to the games and visually shows how they are played. The only thing that may be unappealing is that it does show mostly adults. I think children would enjoy this because the games are silly, fun and interactive. Also, they really make you think. This would be great for a classroom or a big group setting.

It flows well and the games' menu is divided into "lower" and "higher" activity games. Or, you can view all the games at once. You know the number of players that are needed, its social purpose and the skills developed for each game. You should be aware that this is really a teaching DVD and should be used as such. This is not a glamourous or exciting DVD. The scenery is pretty basic and is outside where there is lots of space and room to play the games. The participants, both adults and kids, are dressed in regular casual clothing and the filming is very natural. I really like the layout of the menu. It is set up in such a way that you can watch all the games or select different ones. The leadership section is separate and not part of the section showing the games. There is also a resource folder that you can view from a computer rather than the DVD player. This is excellent because you can print it out or view it on a tablet.

The DVD is educational with social and entertainment elements. The education and social would be most meaningful for most. I think it makes a great school resource or for use by youth service organizations. The games can easily be adapted for a variety of different ages and group types. The visuals are engaging because you watch people having fun! I would hope it would motivate kids to play outside more and engage in these games with family and friends. We lead such a techy/computer filled life that anything to get kids and families outside is a plus! Reviewed by KIDS FIRST! juror Denise B.

For the first time, Dale N. Le Fevre presents a visual leadership guide to accompany the New Games he offers. While he has always offered written guides of the qualities needed to lead the games in his DVDs and books, this time these are not only discussed but demonstrated graphically to maximize the most effective way to lead. Naturally, many of these leadership techniques can be applied to other situations.

Why play New Games?

New Games are fun cooperative group games for people of all ages, sizes, and abilities. Beyond that, playing them is a great way to learn a wide range of physical and social skills by doing these in the context of play - without even realizing it since they are just part of the games. Basic learning skills such as listening, following directions, cooperation, self control, and concentration are part of every game. (A detailed listing of skills for each game is with each game and on a pdf file.)

New Games get people moving and playing because they're fun. This make them a good way to help keep fit and are a perfect antidote for combating obesity.

Including 15 new New Games

There are 15 New Games that have not been presented on film by Dale previously. Some are quite unusual and all are fun. The games depicted are intended for all ages, ability levels and sizes. The leadership section is for a minimum age of 10 up to adult. Mainly the games are for fun and meant to include everyone wanting to play. Text files included in pdf format provide written games descriptions, leadership qualities, and skills information for each game besides being included with information for each game.

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