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What to know: A free, fun virtual world for kids that's a clever combination of fun and eduation.
Recommended age 5-12
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Petra's Planet is a clever combination of fun and education in a virtual world setting. You can travel to different parts of the world and see new cultures and animals, all in the comfort of your own home. Each time you encounter a new animal you receive a card and it makes for an enjoyable card game. You can play entertaining mini-games where you earn you KIPPs coins that allow you to buy cool clothes for your avatar and your adopted pet. When you're done exploring places like Jordon and Sri Lanka you can relax in your own customizable room. Not only can you do it by yourself, you can also chat with people and make new friends. This allows you to compete in multiplayer mini-games. Petra's Planet will have you exploring, learning, and having a blast. Reviewed by Keefer C. Blakeslee, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 14.

I started playing the FREE online virtual world game Petra's Planet and I am hooked on it.

First you make an avatar which will take you through many adventures as you travel around the world.

The goal is to visit different countries. Each country has various games and quests related to its culture. Animals, sports, clothes and many other tasks are available.

You can play this game on your own or you can invite other avatars to play with you. They will visit your houses, help you with quests or whatever you and your new friends decide to do. There is a mail box to talk to each other. You can write your own messages or use a pop up menu.

Game coins are earned and used for houses, accessories, clothes, pets and other supplies.

Playing can take you an hour or as long as you like depending on how far you would like to get in the game. I have playing for a few days and have enjoyed every minute of it.

The age range is 5 and up. So if you would like to learn about other cultures this is perfect for you. Play, learn and have a great time.

I give this game 5 out of 5 twinkling stars. Reviewed by Morgan Bertsch, age 10

Petra's Planet is a free and fun virtual world for kids although there are also paid membership options available too. When you sign up, you design your own Avatar and give him a name that is not your real name. (Which is a good thing!) I recommend for ages 6-10. The paid memberships include Premium Pet Toys, Special Clothing, Exclusive Explorer Outfit and a Kipps allowance. Kipps money allows you to make purchases for your Avatar. If you are a member, you can also join dance parties which the older kids will like. There are a lot of fun games and different challenges and it seems quite easy to navigate. You can even chat with other kids which I think the children will enjoy. The best thing is that kids can also learn about other places and people in different countries which also makes this educational. There is also a variety of different things to do on the website so children don't get bored easily. It is entertaining and engaging. The website seems to be a safe interactive and fun place for kids. I would give this 4 stars out of 5.

Petra's planet is a fun and educational website. It is something that any child between the ages of eight and twelve would enjoy. You get to create your own character and build and decorate his or her room. Then the fun begins. Petra's planet has a lot of fun games, challenges and unique ways to explore and learn about the world. You earn tokens by completing the challenges. This allows you to upgrade your character and buy lots of cool things to personalize your space. Any child that is interested in learning about different parts of the world will really find this website fun. It teaches children about the different cultures, animals and cuisines of many different countries and much more. The website is also used for chatting and interacting with other children online. The website is monitored and is secure and safe for children to use. There are three levels of membership so the payment plan is very flexible. Petra's Planet is a great introduction to online virtual realities for kids.

A free to play online virtual world where kids can explore world cultures, create their own avatar, make friends, decorate their room and adopt pet toys to care for. Plus it has lots of games and quests, is COPPA compliant and advertising-free.
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