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What to know: Rises to the occasion and delivers a potent punch of fun, danceable and delightfully listenable tunes that will lift your spirits and take you on flights of fancy.
Recommended age 5-12
40 minutes
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My kids, ages 4 and 6, had a lot of fun listening to this CD. The songs were very upbeat, and they were dancing around to the music. They said there were a lot of words that they didn't understand, but they really liked the songs. Then they heard "Oh Lando." They are Star Wars nuts, and this song was so exciting to them. Even though they couldn't understand everything, they definitely got that it was about Star Wars, and that was, by far, their favorite song. Other favorites were "Lighter Than Air" and "Penguinese." I even heard one of my boys singing the songs later on in the day. The songs are catchy and fun, and my kids loved listening to them. They said, "We loved that there was a song about Star Wars," and "We liked dancing around to the music."
'Hot Air' rises to the occasion and delivers a potent punch of fun, danceable and delightfully listenable tunes that will lift your spirits and take you on flights of fancy that are frown resistant. Recess Monkey is a tried and true band of experienced and educated musicians who have inhaled the wonderful songwriting and production values of top groups from the late 60's and 70's and have exhaled a new, original and pleasing paradigm of songs that are kid-friendly but more importantly, kid-conscious. Up up and away, the sky is the limit, or is it?

As far as the DVD portion of this goes: The DVD is rolled into the same CD package which is clever and visually stimulating. The colors and sets are vibrant and stimulating and appealing to a child's' artistic sense and sensibility. Hot Air rises to the occasion and is chock full of fanciful characters and situations animating a fun and engaging narrated story of a boy to man, Andrew, who makes a colorful balloon out of hand me down male and female sibling clothing. When he joins an air race contest and helps a penguin in trouble when his magic carpet is hit by lightning, the excitement and thrills build. Vintage newsreel footage of early flight vehicles and pilots of the time, adds credence to the contest. Through perseverance and dogged determination Andrew finishes the race dead last but due to a technicality actuality wins. Terrific songs, creative artwork and humorous storytelling make Hot Air a winning package.

Flight, adventure and unexplored territory are all part of the concept behind Hot Air, a CD with DVD. Recess Monkey is known for expressing what kids adore most, and in this case, everyday experiences like meeting the new kid in school, wearing hand-me-downs, flying a paper airplane and watching a balloon drift up in the sky, are all related through smart lyrics and layered musicality. Band site:
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