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What to know: Cute animated show with great moral messages about teamwork.
Recommended age 2-5
60 minutes
Video and DVD
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I really enjoyed this film. In this cute, animated show, we meet four characters who work for The Doozer Pod Squad. They make kids understand how to work together as a team. There are four episodes included in this DVD.

I like this DVD because it talks about the importance of working together. I found the characters to be very cute and I also like that it talks about creativity and how you can make anything when you work together as a team and don't give up.

I like this show so much that the only thing I don't like is how short the episodes are. I wish that the episodes were a little longer.

My favorite character is Daisy Wheel Doozer (voiced by Millie Davis), because she is the nicest and youngest character. I can relate to her since we are both the youngest amongst our peers. I like that she can do most of the stuff on her own and I'm the same way.

The moral lesson of this DVD is "If you collaborate with others, you can accomplish anything." I say that because, when The Doozers have a goal, they work together to accomplish it. This helps kids understand that it is okay to work together and it will help kids learn how to collaborate with others.

In terms of features on the DVD, you can select individual episodes to watch or you can select "play all." You can also fast forward or rewind the movie.

I recommend this to kids who like adventure and educational shows. It's perfect for kids ages 3 to 8. Kids above that age may find it a bit boring. For that age, I give this show 5 out of 5 stars. This is a really great show and it is available now on DVD.

Reviewed by Ryan R., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 11

The first thing I noticed during these four episodes is the music. It's very catchy and high energy. This group of friends (Doozers) are always working on solving problems and have quite the adorable way of doing so. I love the fact that their problem solving revolves around creative thinking. The amount of camaraderie you feel in this program is great. I highly recommend this program for ages 2 to 5. The animation is shockingly strong and cute. The stories tend to be a bit repetitive. Based on the problem solving and friendship aspects of Doozers, I give it 4 out of 5 stars. My only issue is that every episode is roughly the same story and I fear that children may grow weary of the same basic story being presented every episode.
Welcome to Doozer Creek where the Doozers live! They're green. They're cute. They're three inches tall and they're full of energy, ideas, and enthusiasm! It's Spookypalooza! The time of year when all Doozers get together to spook each other. The Pod Squad makes the spookiest pumpkin ever a cool Pumpkin Doozer made by stacking three pumpkins together. But when their new invention starts rolling all around town, the Doozers have to find a way to reign in their spooky creation! Enjoy four STEM-based adventures with the Doozers!
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