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3 TAILS, THE: A MERMAID ADVENTURE is in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival - it may not be a regular, endorsed title
Recommended age 10-18
60 minutes
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This film balances an environmental message with an enjoyable fictional story that has mystery and suspense. There is an unexpected but logical twist at the end. Conflicts are resolved and there are consequences for actions. The story models friendship, loyalty and respect for others. The cinematography is beautiful, especially in the scenes of mermaids swimming in the ocean. Cleverly entertaining, this film teaches about the importance of keeping our oceans clean and provides ideas to get involved.

This title can motivate children to learn more about the importance of kelp forests to keeping our oceans healthy, and the ways that young people can keep garbage out of our oceans. For example, the use of biodegradable bags is encouraged. This film does a good job of balancing an environmental message with a truly enjoyable fictional story. It encourages youth to make choices that will keep our oceans clean and provides ideas to get involved. Through the example of the girls/mermaids, this story teaches respect for the ocean environment. After the movie, there is a brief interview with the three girls who play the mermaids. They encourage the viewers to get involved in keeping our oceans free of garbage and there is a reference to a website of a mermaid foundation that is dedicated to "The Mermaid Foundation provides real, swimmable mermaid tails and accessories for amputees and the differently abled so they can enjoy the fun and magic of swimming as mermaids."

There is a mystery that needs to be solved. Who is following the girls? Who knows their secret (that they are mermaids) and why? It's not until the end of the movie that we learn the full truth. Recommended for film festivals. Reviewed by Olga C., KIDS FIRST! judge.

Beloved by millions of YouTube fans, Emily, Selena and Jackie, known as The3Tails, risk it all and discover that there's much more to being a mermaid than just enjoying their 'special gift.' With courage and determination, they go on a perilous journey to save themselves and their friends, and on this journey of adventure and discovery, they come to realize that there is a greater purpose behind their special powers: the commitment to become ambassadors to raise awareness for clean oceans and a safer environment for all its creatures. ! With stunning underwater photography by Andres Garreton, a wonderful cast, including Maggie Wheeler (FRIENDS), Johnny Littlefield (BEOWOLF), Meredith Scott Lynn (LEGALLY BLONDE), this film will delight and educate the entire family on the importance of caring for our oceans and the environment. ! We are committed to making a difference, and YOU can help make one too.
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