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What to know: To find their king, they have to cross.
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Recommended age 5-12
78 minutes
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This film , based on a fairy tale, is geared toward a young audience. Children would enjoy this film because of the story and the magical characters. Director Colin Downey is a well-trained writer, director and cinematographer and he includes some incredible cinematography of the snowy mountains and forest. Also, the soundtrack is exceptional and suitable for the audience.

The story of The Magic Path was inspired by a fairy tale. Colin Downey successfully mixes fantasy with adventure, the Old World of the Shadows with the New Human World. The old is represented by the dead grandfather who was the leader of the Shadows and the new is represented by the grandson who one day will become their King. First, the child must go through some sort of initiation and kill a powerful witch so he can believe in himself and leave his fears behind. He succeeds with the help of his grandfather and two Shadows who are the Keepers of the Treasure, the King's crown. The film is enjoyable due to not only the story, but also some little suspense and light comedy. This would be a good addition to any film festival.

To find their king, they have to cross...The Magic Path. This film is a fantasy adventure for all ages inspired by a story from the father of fairytales, George McDonald. Directed by Colin Downey. Produced in Ireland.
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