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What to know: A fanciful adventure of magical, musical, riveting storytelling and exciting labyrinths of trust and misdeed.
Recommended age 8-12
107 minutes
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Do you like stories about magical creatures? Spells? Well, this musical is for you. Lisa Sniderman's Aoede Do You Believe in Magic? CD is a kids musical full of goblins, witches, spells, and the most important, singing. Aoede and her friends are trying to save Wonderhaven from witches. This CD does a good job of mixing a narrator telling the story and many other actors to act it out. While listening to Do You Believe in Magic, you will feel like you are right there watching the musical live. There are three acts for this play. Each act is easy to follow. I do recommend listening to Act 2 carefully. There is a lot of action in this act and it will help bring the story together for Act 3. I do wish it came with some sort of booklet or picture book to look at. This CD gets 4 out of 5 stars. I recommend this magical musical CD for ages 7-12. It may be a little creepy for younger kids to listen to. Go pick a copy of this magical journey up today. Reviewed by Kamren W. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 9.
'Aoede - Do you Believe in Magic?' is a fanciful adventure - down the rabbit hole - of magical musical riveting storytelling and exciting labyrinths of trust and misdeed. The nicely constructed songs propel the story with solid performances and strong arrangements. Do you believe in magic is a rhetorical question but you just might believe after listening.

The music is true to its story and well produced. The story moves along fluidly and the structure and continuity are true to its genre (fantasy). The content is stimulating and attractive. It is in touch with its audience (tweens) and leads and guides them along the way. The performances and production values are terrific.

Original fantasy musical/rock opera for tweens, teens, combining colorful characters, compelling story, infectious songs, danceable duets, narration, full musical score. Percy Jackson meets Into The Woods. Enchanted books, witches break into song!.
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