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What to know: A definitive collection of 36 familiar nursery rhymes with excellent production values and beautiful vocals.
Recommended age 2-5
30 minutes
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We liked this CD. It was fun. We liked the music. Our favorite songs were Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall, Farmer in the Dell, and Hush Little Baby. We acted out the songs while we listened. We played with each other while we were acting out the songs. We knew some of the songs already. We have a giant book of all the rhymes that Mother Goose made. It was fun acting out the rhymes. We liked the singing. We want to listen to it again another time. Reviewed by KIDS FIRST! preschool jurors.
Nursery rhymes have been around for hundreds of years and many of the characters are based on real historical figures. Babies don't really care about that but they love the repetitive lyrics and easy to sing melodies especially when loved ones are bonding with them. Lisa Loeb has assembled the definitive collection of 36 familiar nursery rhymes with simple yet sturdy production that accents her lovely distinctive voice, delivers a compelling album that will favor many repeated listenings and join the lexicon of evergreen children's music.

These songs will stick and be passed on to future generations just as we learned them. The performances are first rate across the board. Some language is antiquated but it doesn't matter. The fun is the repetition. i.e.. Row, Row Row Your Boat. The songs are intended for the target age group and their parents who share them. The quality is consistently good. There is a simple structure of voices, percussion and guitar. Reviewed by John Wood, KIDS FIRST! Music Juror.

This new album, exclusive to Amazon, presents 35 familiar nursery rhymes and songs, collected from hundreds of possibilities in the children's canon. These fresh and sparely produced tracks provide the perfect opportunity for parents to remember their own childhoods, and to connect with their kids through melody, rhythm and rhyme. Acclaimed children's book and magazine illustrator Ekaterina Truhan created the sprightly animal parade art for the album, which also features a "selfie" image of Lisa Loeb on the front cover, and noted singer Renee Stahl guests.
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