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What to know: Haunting animation traversing time and space delivering a fully drawn human story in spite of there being only two characters and one is a mechanical teddy bear.
Recommended age 8-18
6 minutes
Video and DVD
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This haunting animation traverses time and space in less than six minutes, delivering a fully drawn human story (despite one of the two characters being a mechanical teddy bear!). A precise sound track and evocative musical score accompany the mysterious visuals. Taking place in an abandoned observatory, The Astronomer's Son (the name is a clever play on words) depicts a son's yearning to be reunited with his father. The ending is bittersweet and may be a bit sad or frightening for very young children. This exquisite short film exemplifies the potential of animation for poignant storytelling and magical artistry. Reviewed by Ann B.
Henry, accompanied by his mysterious mechanical bear, visits an abandoned observatory to confront memories of his past and follow his father on a journey into the unknown. A magical journey about relationships and what it means to be human.
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