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What to know: Explores the nature of class and religion and how they separate and connect us.
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Recommended age 8-18
90 minutes
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Bombeyaata or Game of Dolls is a story about Sajjad, a little boy growing up in the slums. It explores the nature of class and religion and how they separate us and connect us. Through lessons in the classroom, meeting his new friend Preetham, and exploring the monuments and temples surrounding his village, Sajjad learns about his culture and how to treat people with respect. This film was overall interesting and could spark creative thinking in children. I recommend this for a film festival. (Addie) This film gives great insight into an Indian family and, in particular, a young boy struggling to fit into the new community they have moved to. The cinematography is quite beautiful and the scenes of the children in school almost documentary in feeling. The background music appears to be authentic and there are parts when the children are singing as well as the adults. The sites the children visit are quite extraordinary as are the scenes of the Ganesha figurines. It has an underlying message about religion and accepting that people can celebrate different religions.
The film is about Sajjad Khan, who hails from a Muslim family migrated to a small village near Shravanabelagola from North Karnataka. Making dolls using clay is the main livelihood of the family. Sajjad studies in a Government school and wants to join his friends in Celebrating 'Ganesha Festival'. But his Hindu friends are apprehensive about taking him along. They never have a face off with Sajjad but they avoid him in all the events. Sajjad has a friend in the school, who encourages him to make his own Ganesha idol, as making dolls is naturally known art to Sajjad and celebrate on his own. The film in due course reveals, whether Sajjad will be successful in making the Ganesha idol? Whether his family accepts his move since it is not their religious practice.
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