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What to know: Cute story for pre-teens and teens.
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Recommended age 8-12
95 minutes
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Hybrids is a feature about a brother and sister born from a vampire and witch. Both of them wish to be apart of the normal world while their parents try to hide them inside their castle. The two decide to run away to Florida to follow their dreams of becoming a filmmaker and singer. This film was cute and I can see pre-teens wanting to watch it. The cast is a mix of new starlings and old famous faces. Although it was very campy and silly at times, It is a well rounded film for young people.
When two cultures, separated by centuries of hate for one of another, come together for the sake of family, you have an astonishing love story. "Hybrids" is that story. Teenagers Blaz and his sister Velana come from a very different kind of mixed marriage. Todor, their father is a vampire and Valantina, their mother is a witch. Longing to be like normal other teenagers, they flee their cold and dreary castle for the warm tropics. The parents, fear two things, the normal world will not accept them and may do them harm, and the evil professor Prater, who is trying to capture and hold the teens until Valentina removes a curse she placed on the professor many years ago. It's a PG family comedy. One of the featured actors is Tatanka Means, a co-star in the National Geographic series Saints & Strangers. Shown at International Family Film Festival, Indie Fest. Just accepted as a showcase title at Sedona Film Festival.
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