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This film starts off showing educational facts about water and how ice is made and then goes to Ottawa, Canada and shows educational facts and interesting things such as ice sculptures. It is pretty cool and there is some music which makes it more fun to watch. I liked that it shows some different places around the world but I think that some parts were too long such as showing the ice skating in Canada. I think it is also good that there is more than one person talking in the film and that kids will learn a lot about ice from watching this film. I liked seeing the different ice sculptures and a building made out of ice. I would recommend this for younger kids ages 5-8. This would be the only downfall. The narration and the educational part would be too simple for kids over the age of 8. There is a bonus treat after the credits which are mainly scenes from the film without the narration. I think that there could have been something more exciting at the end but it was okay to watch. I give this 4 stars for educational and interesting facts and the ice sculptures are really cool. Reviewed by Joshua B., KIDS FIRST! Reviewer

I loved this program! I like to learn and this is the perfect learning experience during cold days like we're having. I really enjoyed learning about glaciers and it made me want to see one person really bad! This show is great for all ages I believe, but I suppose I'd say ages 8 to 15 will enjoy it most! I give it 5 out of 5 stars! Reviewed by Britney V, age 11

I love Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and was a little disappointed when I realized how its made, but it is still really neat! I hope to make ice cream one day and this show made me hope more. I like the other stuff as well, but I liked the ice cream part the most. I think kids ages 5 to 12 will like this show and I give it 4 out of 5 stars only because I didn't care for the narrator so much. Reviewed by Evelynn V, age 9.

Who knew there was so much to be learned about Frozen Stuff! From icicles to snow covered hills to ice skating rinks to ice and snow sculptures to ice cream, think Ben & Jerry's, this informational show examines all things frozen. How about the largest skating rink in the world? Where's that you ask? You have to watch this to find out. Little Mammoth Media has assembled a great collection of ice-inspired situations that give you a new definition of ICE!

The videography is professionally accomplished, the background music quite fun and inspiring and the youth narrator clearly describes every situation. This is a film that could be shown in a classroom setting and works very well as a stand alone that curious kids will enjoy. The language is age-appropriate for school-aged kids. And, even I learned stuff about ice that I never knew, like how water is used as glue in ice sculptures. It almost made me like winter. The quality is excellent. The structure is simple and straight forward.

I am a huge fan of Little Mammoth Media's "big" series and this latest addition is as delightful as I anticipated. My favorite part is seeing all the extraordinary ice and snow sculptures. Reviewed by Sarah S., KIDS FIRST! Juror.

SEE what happens when things FREEZE...A FROZEN ADVENTURE where artists carve ice and snow into amazing shapes - some are more than 60 feet high! Join skaters on the world's largest skating rink, and see how they make ice cream at Ben & Jerry's! LEARN about glaciers and how they form and grow and melt. Ride on a giant ice explorer, and see why huge icebergs act like the ice cubes in your drink! TRAVEL around the world, from Sapporo, Japan for the annual Snow Festival, to Canada's Columbia Ice Fields, to the frozen Great Lakes on a US Coast Guard icebreaker! Join us for this freezing BIG Adventure!
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