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What to know: Cute, adorable characters that are sure to charm you from the get go.
Recommended age 2-5
60 minutes
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Lily's Driftwood Bay isbE a cute and adorable show that all children will love! The animated characters are so cute because they look like a child colored them. Lily's character is very dainty and her personality is as bright as the sun. She seems so outgoing and loves an adventure. The opening captures your attention immediately where you see Lily making things out of objects she finds at the beach.

This season contains ten episodes and runs approximately 75 minutes long. Lily's Driftwood Bay is a Northern Irish children's television series that premiered on Nick Jr. in the UK and Ireland in 2014. Creator Colin Williams really has made something special that I truly believe children will love as they follow Lily on her fun adventures with her friends Gull, Salty, Hatsie and more. Every day the sea washes up a new treasure which sparks Lily's imagination about what might be happening on Driftwood Bay. The voice talent also excels. Orlagh O'Keefe is the voice of Lily. Peter Mullan voices Salty the dog. Paul Currie is the voice of Gull. Tameka Empson voices Hatsie the Hen. Many of these voice over actors have been in major movies or TV shows. Peter Mullan appeared in Hercules, The Jungle Book, Harry Potter and War Horse. Paul Currie is best known for Big City Park and Big and Small.

The show is very interactive and well suited for its audience. My favorite scenes in the show are when Lily comes back with new things. It's not a show I would watch and I'm a teenager and it's more suited for kids ages 4 to 7. I rate it 4 out of 5 stars and think that girls will like it more than boys since it is a bit girly. The DVDis available now so, go check it out.

Reviewed by Jasmyn Diaz, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 15

Lily's Driftwood Bay is an enjoyable and creative DVD that kids will love to watch. It takes place on a beach where Lily lives with her father. Lily dumps out a bag of shells and rocks in the intro and arranges them to make her own little friends, who then come alive to interact with her in her own imaginary "Driftwood Bay" island. My favorite thing about this show is the animation. It's unique and it took a little bit to get used to, but I love its creativity. The rock and shell characters incorporate the actual textures of the objects they are made of in their designs. It makes the show very interesting visually. Lily has a pretty strong accent and, a few times, she was a little difficult for my kids to understand, but the accent also made the kids listen more intently. The characters are fun and they learn about themes such as teamwork and friendship through their adventures. This is a cute show with good messages and interesting animation. I really enjoyed it and recommend it for kids ages 3 to 9.
Meet Lily!� Lily is five years old and lives with her dad in a little hut on the beach.� Across the way is Driftwood Bay - the island that Lily can see from her window, and it is here that the characters that she has created in her imagination come to life.� Every day the sea washes up a new treasure which sparks Lily's imagination about what might be happening on Driftwood Bay.� Accompanied by her best friend, Gull, the clever seagull, a new adventure begins as they go across the way to Driftwood Bay.
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