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What to know: Bright, cute, catchy and fun introduction to the alphabet.
Recommended age 2-7
3 minutes
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The most appealing thing about this short is the claymation which is bright, cute, catchy and fun. The song is also appealing and sticks in your brain. I was a bit confused about what this film was about in the beginning. There is nothing that explains it is an ABC song. But, once I got this, I was on board. There are a couple words that might be a bit out of range for the audience of this film but, overall I think it is very suitable for the intended audience. The song is very catchy. Aside from a fuzzy scene in the beginning everything looks great. It is very entertaining above all other things and educational. I recommend this to kids ages 2 to 7 because of its entertainment value and because I personally enjoyed it. This short film originates from Latvia but it is all done in English. This could make a fun interstitial for a film festival.
A short, fun and educative plasticine animation. A nearly impossible story, supported by a catchy melody, guides us through the ABCs. There are many letters in the Alphabet and in the process of learning they are usually linked to nouns. The filmmakers have created a link between all the letters of the Alphabet using nouns, adjectives and verbs. Most importantly, this offers visual, audial and kinesthetic associations that help children in the process of learning. Children's brains will make the necessary connections on their own and complicated things will be learned easily and effortlessly. In Latvia all kids have learned the alphabet by the Latvian counterpart of "Awesome Beetle's Colors", written by the artist Indra Sproge who is the director of this new animation. This project is now available in English so that children all over the world can learn Alphabet with great fun and ease! From Latvia. Film language: English.
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