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What to know: Offers a wide selection of things to do such as read, watch videos, play games, create artwork.
Recommended age 5-9
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A New Home for Charlie the Chocolate Chihuahua is an exciting app that makes use of really cool visuals and sound effects (including voice acting). It is an easy to use app that makes use of colored buttons to assist in navigating it. This app contains a selection of things to do that I think kids between the ages of 5 and 9 would really enjoy, these include stories to read, videos to watch, games to play, and artwork to create. All of these have an emphasis on exploration and creativity. I think that it is a great app for younger children with the only downside being occasional performance issues that I experienced, including lag.

There is a ton of variety for kids to enjoy in this app. There are things to read, videos to watch, games to play, and artwork to create. This extensive content for kids to explore is complete with enjoyable graphics, artwork, and animation.

I believe a child would enjoy this because it features a loveable cast of dogs (and who doesn't like dogs) that are created using impressive visuals. The user also gets to interact with these dogs in ways that are kid friendly such as games and videos.

This app features a simple, but effective user interface that uses colored icons to help navigate. The content is definitely suited to the audience with appropriate vocabulary and concepts. The characters portray characteristics that show positive values of friendship and cooperation. When there is conflict, the characters work together to resolve it. They definitely are uplifting and positive.

The app offers a collection of learning opportunities for children to read, watch informative videos, play games and use their imagination creatively. Reviewed by Michael O., KIDS FIRST! Juror

This app offers two major games and a reading comprehension section. Charlie, a Chihuahua, is in his new home and learns to get along with the two other dogs who are already live there as part of the family, as well as relating to other animals including a squirrel and birds though this is quite minimal. A jigsaw puzzle section featuring Charlie in various settings can become quite challenging and represents the most likely part children would return to.

It is very bright and colorful, fun to use and has exceptional audio quality. The games are slightly challenging. They use audio reinforcement nicely as one solves the small challenges. However, after a few times playing the games, a child could lose interest as the challenge lacks depth.

The navigation could be a bit clearer. To get back to the home page, you have to move your finger (on iPad) to the top left corner to make the icon for Charlie re-appear. In the reading section, you need to swipe up on the bottom to get arrows to direct you back. I found it a bit confusing.

In the Reading Comprehensive section, there is conflict between one large dog and a squirrel and the lesson learned seems out of context. The animation is basic but smooth and definitely colorful. The sound is great, very clear and makes use of a variety of voice types.

There is little entertainment value but the educational benefits include concentration skills that can be developed with the jigsaw puzzle. The social benefits are minimal as the lessons learned in the reading section are so basic and not always convincing based on the story. Interestingly, it is mentioned that Charlie is a rescued dog. This idea could have been explored further to give more depth to the story. Of course, the reading section itself is helpful for young readers and allows for users to be read to or to read by themselves. I recommend it for ages 5 to 7. REviewed by Michael F., KIDS FIRST! Juror.

Small is the New Big! Read, Watch, Play, Create, and Discover with Charlie the Chocolate Chihuahua! It isn't easy being little, but it sure is fun! Charlie the Chocolate Chihuahua is a tiny dog in a big world! Help Charlie find his way in his new home with this engaging, fun, and thoughtful family entertainment that will inspire creativity.
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