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"T" is for teens. I like this film and loved meeting the people involved in it. I was a little concerned that this might not be a KIDS FIRST movie but it is.

We are all into YouTube, Facebook, social media and many other electronic connections with other people. This movie has all of the above. It is a documentary about two people who are followed on a journey of friendship - a great composer, a fabulous singer, a live concert in Israel and a unique film.

I loved the storyline. My favorite part about the movie is all the music. There is a large mix of music from vocals, pianos, violins, guitars, drums and many more instruments. Kutiman is a great composer from Israel. He traveled 7,000 miles across the Internet to find a great singer.

I felt uncomfortable during some of the scenes and my Mom said I was a little too young to understand a few of them. Unfortunately, everyone's life is not perfect and people struggle every day and deal with crazy situations. Yes, I do feel this is a KIDS FIRST movie because it is not cute, funny or Hollywood. It is about real life. The message in this film is to never give up your dreams but to keep them alive and pursue them. This film gives you insight into how we can all feel hopeless and want to give up. That is the time when you cry, eat ice cream, dig deep and get yourself back up and into the fight for your dream.

Samantha Montgomery, also known as Princess Shaw, pursues her singing career when and wherever she can. Finally, a composer in Israel discovers her YouTube page and a great friendship and collaboration begins. Ido Haar who is Kutiman's friend and a director watched the first music mash up video and is intrigued by the process. So, he follows the musicians and the vocalist Kutiman has his heart set on. He even flies back and forth between Israel and the United States several times over the course of a year to capture the real story of Princess Shaw and her journey on film. Meanwhile he is also filming Kutiman's journey.

The actual footage is a breath of fresh air from all the CGI graphics taking place in movies today. You get to sit back and watch a real life story. You really care about what happens to these people. You cry when they struggle and cheer when things go well. I appreciated the emotional attachment you feel throughout the film.

The appropriate age range for this film is 14 to 18 years old. There are a few curse words. There are stories about bad things that happened to children. That is a reality. This is a now film. It is something that could really happen to you today. You never know when or how your dreams will come true. Even when they do, you still have to work hard to keep them alive.

I rate this 4 1/2 out of 5 singing stars. It is in theaters and on demand May 27, 2016.

Reviewed by Morgan B., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 11.

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A documentary on the collaborative relationship between New Orleans based songwriter/YouTube star Samantha Montgomery and composer/video artist Ophir Kutiel.
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