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What to know: If you love surfing, you'll love this film.
Recommended age 5-12
16 minutes
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What an interesting and entertaining, family-friendly film about Scott Chandler, pro surfer. Watching the World record being attempted and accomplished is ever so inspiring. It shows that you can accomplish things if you keep trying and it has surfing dogs! I found myself rooting for the surfing dogs and the team involved. The music and scenery is stunningly beautiful. If you love surfing, you will love this film! Even if you don't, you will come away feeling inspired. Lot of the action takes place at the beach and it is loaded with visual appeal.
Professional surfer, shaper, and animal lover Scott Chandler sets out on a quest to break the world record for dog surfing. Chandler's Ark shows Scott's journey from constructing his massive fifteen foot board, to practice days at dog beach, all the way to his attempt for the world record in San Deigo, CA. We get a unique inside perspective of the determination it takes when setting out to break a world record and how one boat sized surfboard brought together a team of friends to make it all possible.
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