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What to know: Clever take on a familiar fairy tale with funny moments throughout.
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Recommended age 12-18
17 minutes
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This is a clever take on familiar fairy tales, with funny moments throughout. The film is a charming story about Prince Charming's quest to find his true love before time runs out, lest he have to forfeit the kingdom to a wicked witch, thereby ruining his family. The humor is more appropriate for a teenage audience, as are some of the more mature themes, such as adults drinking alcohol and a fairy tale character smoking what is presumably a joint, and putting it out quickly when someone walks in. All in all it's a funny story, well acted. The more mature themes are nothing that teens don't see in their high schools, though they are worth noting for parental discretion. It is a modern day version of Cinderella and Prince Charming with the focus on Prince Charming mores than Cinderella. It is more realistic than the classic version and is entertaining and teaches a lesson about true love. The scenes, characters, and costumes really fit the story line. It has visually interesting production design with fairy tale looking locations and costumes. Well cast actors. Music sets the mood effectively. Good sound. The story makes sense and it plays on the fairy tale theme that Prince Charming appears in various fairy tales with different princesses. In this story all those princesses are actually part of his quest to find his one true love. Clever references to fairy tales, funny jokes that defy expectations. Good acting. Unappealing is the adult use of alcohol. Prince Charming drinks from a flask in front of a child when he is depressed. Prince Charming and his parents have wine with dinner and Prince Charming asks a child where he can get a beer. The child responds "I'm six". Aladdin smokes what appears to be a joint. I recommend it for ages 12 to 18. It would be suitable for younger kids if Prince Charming didn't drink alcohol. But, the language used is appropriate and that there is no violence. Recommend it for festival but description should make clear the caveats above.
Prince Charming recounts his disastrous search for true love in a re-imagining of classic Grimms' fairytales with a contemporary touch.

Director's statement: Who is Prince Charming? As a kid, I always remembered him as the guy who swept in at the end of my sister's favorite movies to kiss the princess, save the day, and ride off into the sunset, leaving everyone to live happily ever after. But why was he kissing all these princesses? What happened after the prince and princess rode off into the sunset? Can everyone really live happily ever after?

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