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Recommended age 11-18
5 minutes
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This short film effectively causes both teenagers and their parents to reflect on the kind of role model they are and how they should reevaluate what they can do differently to improve the behavior of those around them. The story is about a teenage girl babysitting her younger sister. The teenager is very rude and a poor role model for her sister. She finds her younger sister smoking her cigarettes and tells her she can't smoke. The younger sister points out everything the older sister does wrong and says some very rude things to her. This film is short and to the point, emphasizing that teenagers need to realize that their actions can affect others, especially younger siblings who are watching and copying them. The message in this film is very sharp and hits hard. It will likely strike a cord with many teens and is important. Recommended for ages 11 to 18.
Two siblings argue over their behavior towards their parents and each other in this coming of age story.
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