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What to know: Refreshingly clever kid-relatable story told in stop-motion animation by student filmmakers.
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Recommended age 5-12
6 minutes
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This is a refreshingly clever kid-relatable story, told in stop-motion animation by a group of student filmmakers. The story follows a young girl who is embarrassed by her dad's profession as animal rescuer until she has to spend a day at his job to write a school essay. She encounters animals and sees how his dad's job matters to the animals and to the community. In the end, by riding along with dad for a day, she gets a chance to see another meaning of hero and sees him as a hero after all. The story has some surprising twists and turns, clever humor and a clear beginning, middle and end. The quality of animation and visual storytelling is especially impressive, considering this is a movie made by kids with minimal resources. This film is enjoyable and appropriate for a general family audience. Although we can predict that by the end the main character will come around to appreciating her dad, the way the story plays out is refreshingly clever. Particularly impressive is the use of available resources - figurines, homemade characters and whatever was on hand to tell the story. The sets are presumably also created by the kids. The visual storytelling makes sense. Voices by kids are real and feel natural for the story. The production value of this film is especially impressive considering the age of the creators who seem to be about 10 years old. Recommended for ages 5 to 11. Dialogue is in French with English sub-titles. Reviewed by Katarzyna K., KIDS FIRST! juror.
Lea have a homework to do about her father's job. She think her father's job is boring but she will find it more admirable after following him through a working day. Festival play: FIFEM, Montreal, Canada, 2015
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