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What to know: Charming and funny episode about a kid relatable topic, a puppet not wanting to try a new food.
HOOT QUARTERS: LACHANOPHOBIA is in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival - it may not be a regular, endorsed title
Recommended age 3-8
9 minutes
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This is a charming and funny episode about a kid relatable topic, a puppet not wanting to try a new food. The humor is simple and the story has a strong beginning, middle and end. Yet, there is a freshness to the storytelling as well, with some unexpected jokes and twists. The story features music performed by a children's entertainment band The Hoots. Their music style will appeal both to children and adults. It's simple, fun and entertaining. It has a typical kids TV show look, like something on PBS Kids. Has good production value - nice set, visually appealing. The episode uses one big word that young kids and most adults wouldn't know - Lachanophobia - fear of vegetables. But, this word is key to the story and is explained in a clever and funny way. My only recommendation for change is to have the main character read the dictionary page out loud. This production is very appropriate for young children who cannot read yet. Having someone read the text out loud would help them enjoy the last joke in the show. The story has a beginning, middle and end. The main puppet character doesn't want to try broccoli because he doesn't think he will like it. He tries clever ways to get out of eating broccoli so he can eat his favorite treats. The problem is resolved when he actually tries broccoli at the urging of his friend and finds that he really likes it. In this episode, all the characters are male (three adult male band members and a puppet owl) so, for parents who are looking for female representation this show is not it. However, the topic of gender doesn't come up and this show can certainly be enjoyed by children of both genders. Recommended for ages 3 to 8.
Hoot Quarters is an episodic series staring, The Hoots, a band who write, record and perform original music for the young and old(er), and Oliver t. Owl, a purple owl who thinks he knows everything, but whose knowledge is almost always a little off. Hoot Quarters is the name of the tree house where The Hoots hang out and rehearse. The built said tree house in a tree where Oliver was already living. Oliver decided to move into the tree house - preferring it to the knot hole abode he was previously occupying. After spending just a little time with Oliver, two things were clear: 1) he is extremely lovable, and 2) as previously mentioned he has some rather curious views of the world. Specifically, he seems to think he knows a lot more about just about everything than he actually does. Because of this, The Hoots and their friends often find themselves having to steer Oliver's slightly misguided-self back on the right course. In doing so, they realized there was an abundance of excellent teaching moments and opportunities that could benefit not just Oliver but the rest of community and world at large. Each episode of Hoot Quarters focuses on one of these lessons. They primarily focus on music education and healthy lifestyle choices. They are shot in the same style the band writes their music: in a way that the young and older can appreciate and enjoy. The lessons are never too overt and/or presented in a way that speaks down to their audience. In the Sea of Bees episode the band Sea of Bees visits Hoot Quarters and shows Oliver that sometimes it's okay to play in the dirt (even if one has lovely purple feathers). In Lachanophobia, Oliver learns the importance of trying something before you decide you don't like it, because you never know until you try!
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