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What to know: Fun, silly, the underdog wins! Perfect film festival title.
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Recommended age 13-18
20 minutes
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Maartin is very humble in his occupation. Although he wants to be a detective in the beginning, he is satisfied with being a bicycle cop at the end. The movie copies the formula from many American movies with the smart/dumb villain. The smart villain has a typical bad temper. I believe children would enjoy this film because the underdog wins in the end. The underdog winning is the basis of many children's movies. The movie flows extremely well. It goes with the storyline. In the beginning he is a regular bike cop. In the middle, he is vulnerable about being killed. In the end he is a hero. The production quality is quite good. For example, when Maartin is in trouble, the lighting turns red which signals something bad is happening. I think the makeup of the bruises he receives are also pretty good. Although the underdog wins in the end and the villain goes to jail, the underdog doesn't instantly captured like in most movies. He does get the girl and praises in the end but is humble about it. I recommend for ages 13 to 18 years old because it has some vulgar language with cursing. Accepted for KIDS FIRST! Film Festival.
Maartin is an action-comedy about a kind-hearted bicycle police who has high ambitions of becoming a detective. When the Norwegian bicyclemafia kidnaps Pierre, the son of Maartin �s sweetheart, Maartin gets an opportunity to show what he's made of. Against all odds, Maartin tracks down the crooks, but gets caught together with his partner Kowalsky. When everything looks lost, Maartin uses tricks from his favorite TV-show MacGyver to get out and beat the bad guys.
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