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What to know: Powerful message about learning differences and not being alone.
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Recommended age 8-18
7 minutes
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This has a powerful message about learning differences and emphasizes that you are not alone. It is done with animation, very little words and a song. It is appealing, different and I was amazed. This impressed me a great deal. The animation is entertaining and well executed, a soundtrack with a song and a message about how when you have a learning disability you are not alone. Very powerful! As someone who has worked with many kids with learning disabilities, I highly recommend this for all to see. The soundtrack and visual appeal make it worth watching. I give it 5 out of 5 stars because it has visual appeal and a wonderful soundtrack that portrays the message. It flows well and makes sense. It shows that it is okay to have learning differences or learning disability. Recommended for ages 8 to 18. Reviewed by Denise B., KIDS FIRST! juror.
The animated short film I AM DYSLEXIC expresses what it feels like to have a learning difference in our current school system. Those with learning differences should be proud of who they are and should never be made to feel alone. The film uses strong metaphors to portray these emotions, as we follow a little boy in his journey to climb a mountain in a world made of books.
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