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Recommended age 10-18
5 minutes
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Cradle is a basic story of determination and the creativity of a young girl to complete her homework despite the interruptions of her grandfather's snoring and her baby sibling crying. This film is set in Iran where you see the home setting, the place where the grandfather sleeps, the cradle with the baby and how everything is connected so that the young girl is able to work on her homework and rock the cradle at the same time. The colors are bright and give you a sense of an Iranian home. A child will be able to understand not only the frustrations of the young girl but also appreciate her determination to solve the problems. It sets you up visually and through sound to see and hear the entire environment from the beginning and through the actions and the conclusion. Cradle does not have any actual dialogue or vocabulary. The visuals give you a sense of what is happening. I recommend this film for ages 10 to 18. Reviewed by Juanita S., KIDS FIRST! juror
Technically the little girl simply just wants to do her homework. But when grandpa's snores keep her little sibling from sleeping and it cries, things get a bit more complicated. But she has a good idea. From Iran, in Kurdish with English sub-titles.
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