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What to know: Wonderful direction and good writing.
Recommended age 15-18
35 minutes
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Wonderful direction and good writing. The themes presented and the metaphor of the film are very appealing. It is a crowd pleaser and a well told story. There's a wonderful lead performance.

The movie has some minor issues with character development and dramatic gravitas, but they are very minor. The rest of the film is a wonderful watch and tells an excellent story. It is wonderful storytelling. The metaphor is explained and shown beautifully, albeit blatantly. The acting in wonderful and the message clear. It tells a nice story in which we connect to the characters. There are some issues with the sound and minor things with editing, but considering the budget they don't even matter. The direction and writing overshadow any weak technical elements. Very suitable for a teen audience. Recommended for ages 15 to 18. Reviewed by Willie J., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic

Miss Winn's Garden is a dramatic short film that explores real life problems and situations faced by foster parents and foster children. After personal tragedy strikes, Miss Winn opens her heart to children in need of a place to call home. She becomes foster parent to five young males and uses both patience and love to teach them how to accept their situations.

Miss Winn encourages her wards to have faith in humanity despite the cards they've been dealt in life. One of her most useful tools is to have each youngster care for a plant whose state mirrors the state of their own lives. As the boys tend their plants, they learn to accept that all living things (including themselves) need love and nurturing to grow and thrive.

Children become wards of the state through no fault of their own, but many believe that somehow they are to blame. Miss Winn's Garden tells a slightly different story.

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