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What to know: Beautiful environmental film with a great message.
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Recommended age 5-18
8 minutes
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This documentary style, short film is about a girl named Kaya who has a dream about sea turtles. In the dream, a haggan (also known as the green sea turtle) comes to Kaya and asks her, "If I was born on this island, where will my children be born?" Kaya then goes on a mission to figure out the answer to that question. In her expedition to find the truth, she learns about sea turtles and how they're endangered. For her birthday, her friends and her put signs up around the beach to help warn people to be observant and make sure not to do anything that could harm the sea turtles. This is a lovely film to get kids and adults alike interested in environmental and animal awareness. I think children would enjoy this short film because it makes caring about animals and the environment more fun. Everything flows rather nicely. It all makes sense and no parts seem to be missing or anything that would make it potentially confusing. This film fits well for the intended age group. It features a kid which will help children relate to it and it also shines a light on important issues which can reach both children and adults. The cinematography is excellent and clear. The scenes filmed underwater are truly outstanding. The sound is crisp, clear and easy to understand. Happy to accept this and recommend it for ages 6 to 18. Reviewed by Kelsey M., KIDS FIRST! Adult Juror.
On the island of Saipan, a young girl's mysterious dream about a haggan, or green sea turtle, leads her to investigate the sea turtles that live around her home. Join her adventure to find turtles, which leads to a wonderful birthday wish. Country of Origin: Northern Mariana Islands.
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