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What to know: Adorable and fun to watch.
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Recommended age 6-18
12 minutes
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This movie is adorable and fun to watch. The whole time, you'll find yourself rooting for the little girl. You might even find your heart breaking when she's told she can't play the Monkey King because she's not a boy (I know I did). This is a fun, heartwarming movie for the whole family to watch. This short film is about a little girl who wants to play the Monkey King in her class play. Repeatedly, she is told she can't be the Monkey King because she is a girl, has long hair and she might get hurt practicing kung fu. She finally convinces her teacher to let her audition for the part and the entire class votes for her to play the Monkey King. What is most appealing about this film is watching the little girl overcome the obstacles that prevent her from doing what she wants to do just because she is a girl. The message of this movie is very important and very clear: just because you are a girl, doesn't mean you can't achieve what you want to achieve. A child would like this film because of how relatable it is. We're often told when we're young that we can't do this or that because of multiple reasons. Any kid would like to see that they are not the only one who gets told things like that, and then see this young girl achieve what she wanted. I definitely think it's a very important film for little girls to see so they know that they can do whatever they put their mind to and shouldn't listen to people who tell them they can't do something just because they're a girl. The movie flows very well. While the movie dialogue is in Chinese, the English subtitles are easy to follow and understand. The vocabulary is suitable for the target age group and the subtitles move slowly enough that you can read them. The cinematography is impeccable. Everything is perfectly clear and the camera moves smoothly and captures everything quite well. The sound is crisp, clear and easy to hear. Happy to accept for play in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival. Recommended for ages 10 to 18. Reviewed by Kelsey M., KIDS FIRST! Adult Juror.
A five-year-old Chinese girl's dream to become a "boys-only" superhero.
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