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What to know: A touching story that expresses the love between a mother, father and daughter and the harsh realities of their lives.
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Recommended age 10-18
15 minutes
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This touching story brought tears to my eyes. The love between the father and mother and their daughter, while dealing with the harsh realities of their lives is something that is expressed throughout the film. The filmmaking is well executed with beautiful visuals and thoughtful editing. It makes you think about how much of your own life you take for granted. It gives us insight into another culture as we see how hard the lives are of the father working as a miner and the mother as a rug weaver. Recommended for ages 10 to 18. Reviewed by Julie S., KIDS FIRST! Juror.
Roya is a small rural girls who wishes for her family to reunite. Her father is a coal miner who works far away from home. Her hardworking mother weaves rug and Roya helps her. One day, the postman delivers a letter from Roya`s father and everything changes. Director's Biography: Mitra Roohimanesh (Persian: ????? ???? ???) is an Iranian film director, screenwriter, and producer. Roohimanesh was born 1969 in Tehran, Iran. Roohimanesh began her artistic career as a director of photography. She entered the world of cinema as a director and later as an Producer of documentaries. His works have often received admiration in national film festivals.
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