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What to know: Intriguing short with an interesting look at the world of virtual reality and addiction.
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Recommended age 12-18
7 minutes
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Intriguing student short. This film delivers an interesting look at the world of virtual reality and how someone might become addicted to it. It's well constructed with clear video and audio and an engaging protagonist. The editing makes you wonder at times when the guy is experiencing VR and when he is not which, I suppose is the point of the whole film. The set, a rather sleazy building and sleazy looking proprietor is apropos to the theme of the film. In fact, the VR addicted man reenters the building after the proprietor has sent him off, in order to further his VR experience. The ending leaves you with a sense of wondering what is real and what is not. Recommended for ages 12 to 18. Reviewed by Julie Smart, KIDS FIRST! Juror
In the future technology of virtual reality, a man breaks the law to experience the thrill of other worlds.
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